Which Famous Ruler Are You?

  From Julius Caesar to Catherine the Great - this quiz will test your compatibility to SIX great and famous rulers of history, ruling huge kingdoms, and empires, conquering and leading. Which one of these famous men and women are you most suitable to be? Would you have been a warlike King or a cultured peacemaker? Take our quiz and find out!
What do you think is the most important quality in a ruler?
A heart as hard as a rock
The willingness to put the good of the ruler above his people
The ability to conquer and make war
Organizational Skills
The ability to bring progress
Choose a painting
As a ruler, how would you feel about getting advice?
I will surround myself with wise people who I can count on to advise me
I will take no advice but in war
I will have advisers but the ultimate decision is always mine
A ruler must have help and people they trust. I would pick carefully but put my whole trust in my advisors and generals
I would listen to some and then to others, always keeping a balance between them and playing them against each other instead of myself
Which of these are the most important to you as a person?
Art & Beauty
You get the news that a small force of people from the neighboring friendly kingdom came across the border and burned one of your villages. What do you do?
I immediately send a diplomat to the other ruler to demand compensation for the village and the lives they ruined
I form a bigger force and send it to attack and burn a city, so they know I will respond harshly to any further attack
I start a war that will not end until the other side surrenders
I send spies all around the other kingdom to try and figure out if this is the start of a war while I act as if nothing happened
I find out if the other ruler knew about it. If they did not - I demand compensation. If they did - I send assassins or start a war
Where does the mandate for being a King, Queen or Emperor come from?
From the power to hold it
From divine intervention
From the nobility of the bloodline
From the choice of the people
From fitness to rule
Choose the statement you most DISAGREE with
The future of my children and grandchildren is not as important as my own
In the end, loyalty is overrated
Never trust anyone. They will all betray you.
Regular people are too stupid to be ruled by regular people
War is the only way to achieve true progress
Only belief can bring us happiness
Choose a treasure
What are you always happy to do?
Read Scripture
Feast on my favorite foods
Spend a sensual evening
Look at my art collection
Start a fight
Hear good things about myself
What should the spouse of a ruler do?
Support the ruler, listen to them in private and help them unload the burden of leadership
Provide succor and distraction from serious matters
Provide children, nothing else.
Serve for a strong alliance
A strong ruler has no need for one
To rule besides them as equals
Complete the sentence: "Enemies are better....
...when made into allies."
...off dead."
...when they're friends."
...when they're family."
...when they respect you."
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar is perhaps one of the most well-known names in history. He lived during the first century BC, only a century before the birth of Jesus Christ. <br><br> He is also known as an emperor although, in truth, he was not an emperor but more of a state leader, taking part in the first Triumvirate, a political alliance that saw the ruling of three powerful men and forces: Caesar, Crassus and Pompey. He was one of the most celebrated men of strategy and war and was feared throughout the ancient world for his prowess in battle and the loyalty of his soldiers. <br><br> Caesar was known to be a man of tremendous intelligence and energy. He was always planning campaigns, attending to matters of state or planning reforms. In addition, he was an accomplished author and historian. A tireless man by all reports, Caesar was very popular with the common people. <br><br> Like him, you are a person of great dexterity of thought. You adjust to other cultures and welcome them into your life. You don't believe in making enemies you can't turn into friends. You trust your friends but you usually verify their loyalty. Unlike Caesar, you don't want to make the mistake of trust too far. <br><br> Like Caesar, you draw enormous satisfaction from your home and your family - all the things that are yours. You are cunning and lively, always ready for a good conversation but always wary of being bored by less interesting people. You love having something to do and laziness is just not in the cards for you. You are a born leader and a born manager, always leading by example.
Elizabeth I
One of the most prominent women of history, Elizabeth's (1533-1603) journey wasn't an easy one, as her sister Mary hated her and wanted to kill her, the two of them being on two sides of the religious war in England - The Anglican Church and the Catholic Church. <br><br> In 1558, Elizabeth managed to succeed her half-sister to the throne. She was aided by a strong group of advisors and she immediately established the first Protestant church in what was to become the Church of England. <br><br> Like Elizabeth, you are the strong but silent type. You have strong emotions but rarely let people see them. You make your plans in secret, sharing with only the closest people to you, whom you trust implicitly. You are conservative, preferring not to make big changes but protecting what you have established and gained.
Charlemagne, also known as 'Charles the Great', was the king of the Franks during the 8th century AD. During the middle ages, he united the majority of western and central Europe. Some call him 'The Father of Europe'. <br><br> Like Charlemagne, you would be a ruler strengthened by their beliefs. You are humble and wish to serve the people and your God while increasing both glories to the utmost degree. You love culture and art and are progressive in many things, but your heart is conservative and you wish for the most important values to stay the same. You love nature, activity and keeping your family close and secure. You are also stubborn, refuse to listen to others at times and always do things your own way.
Louis XIV
Louis XIV, known as 'The Sun King', was the King of France from 1643 to his death in 1715. His reign was the longest recorded of ANY monarch in European history, lasting 72 years! <br><br> Under his reign, France emerged as a leading European power (and thus the world at the time). During his lifetime, France took part in small and larger wars, especially against the Spanish, and as such warfare defined much of his policies. His reign was known as a powerful time for France, a time of commerce, pique and high emotions. <br><br> Like Louis, you are a person of great desires and passions. You do not let others tell you where you should direct these passions, but forge on by the power of your own convictions. You are ruthless to those you hate and the best friend in the world to those you love. You are impetuous, quick to anger but quick to forgive. You have enemies but you have made friends of them as well. Your passions often lead you towards other people as they take you away from others, yet those who manage to remain in your life are protected and appreciated, chosen to always be at your side.
Genghis Khan
Born Temüjin Borjigin, Genghis Khan founded an empire so large and so rich that he is believed to have descendants all around the world to this day, born of his many wives and concubines. <br><br> Genghis launched the Mongol invasions that, during the 12th century, conquered most of Asia, Europe and the Middle East. In addition to creating the greatest empire since the Romans (and much larger), Genghis also promoted education by adopting the Uyghur script as the first Mongol writing system. He also promoted art and trade, making sure the famous Silk Road is open for merchants. <br><br> Like Genghis, you are a person of incredible intelligence, energy and focus. You are an organizational marvel, always making sure you know where everything in your life is. You put huge stock in family and friends, and believe that life must be lived surrounded by the right people, never alone. <br><br> Despite your good qualities, though, you remain a humble person, uneasy in the presence of compliments and shy of the painter and the cameraman. So was Genghis Khan, who never wanted to be depicted in painting and even asked to be buried in an unmarked grave.
Catherine the Great
Born Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst, Catherine II, also known as Catherine the Great, lived during the 18th century in Russia. Following a bloody coup, she came to power as Empress of Russia while overthrowing her husband, Peter III, as well as her cousin. <br><br> During her rule, Russia was advancing its lands by occupation and diplomacy, furthering the power of Russia in the world as well as making famous its art, its culture and its language. This is considered by many to be the 'Golden Age of Russia', even though it still relied heavily on serfs and dealt with many rebellions by commoners, the Russian culture became common around the world during this time, as well as its wealth. <br><br> Like Catherine, you are a person of many desires, and you are unashamed of that. You have dreams, goals and plans. You will let very few things stop you on your way, and you don't like to be stopped at all. You are a progressive thinker, you love art and beauty and romance and love - but you always have a cold place that knows the value of money, power and influence. <br><br> You admire the other sex and enjoy them, and flirting, enormously. However, for serious relationships, you must know that the person can be a true ally to you, someone you can trust to aid you in your success... and also trust to love.
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