Why You Need to Keep a Teaspoon in the Bathroom

Dermatologists point out that, in the past few years, people have become aware of the dangers of sun damage and are much better at wearing sunscreen daily and reapplying it when they’re in the sun, but the majority are still not applying enough. In the UK alone of the people who do use sun protection, almost 50% use less than half of the recommended amount. These statistics aren’t surprising, as we’re so used to applying a pea or dime sized amount of cream to our entire face, and we usually do the same with sunscreen.
The instructions on sunscreen bottles aren’t particularly helpful either, as they typically fail to specify the amount of product that will be enough to protect you. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem and it involves a teaspoon. We will teach you how much sunscreen to apply to each body part and which areas are the most overlooked when applying sunscreen.

The Entire Body

how much sunscreen you need entire body
When you’re going to the beach and you know you’ll be exposing your entire body to the sun’s rays, don’t forget to apply sun cream before going to the beach, as well as reapplying it every 2 hours as it will rub off, break down and stop working after 2 hours of wear.
According to dermatologists’ recommendations, we should use 6 teaspoons (36 g) of sunscreen to protect the entire body. Also, don’t forget to wear a hat when you’re out and about, as the skin on your scalp can and will burn if you don’t.

The Face and Neck

how much sunscreen you need face and neck
The image shows how much sunscreen you need to apply to your face and neck versus how much most people apply.
Your face and neck are the areas that get the most sun exposure, so it’s important to apply sun cream to your face and neck every day regardless of the weather or climate you live in. Measure out ½ teaspoons of sunscreen to cover these areas and apply evenly throughout the face and neck. Most people forget the back of their neck and the ears, so be smarter and make sure you don’t miss those spots.

Hands and Arms

how much sunscreen you need hands and arms
The second most exposed body parts are the hands and arms, as most of us wear short-sleeved clothes all spring and summer and we usually only wear gloves in the winter. The rule of thumb is that all areas of the body that are not covered up with clothing should be protected, so wear sun cream on your arms every day you’re wearing short sleeves.
You will need 1 teaspoon per arm or 2 teaspoons to cover both.

Legs and Feet

how much sunscreen you need legs and feet
Do you like wearing shorts or skirts in warm weather? If so, then you should be applying sunscreen on them, too. You need 1 teaspoon to cover up one leg, and if you’re wearing sandals or flip flops, make sure you’re covering your feet and toes as well.
Also, if you’re at the beach, don’t forget to protect the soles of your feet with sun cream as well, as statistics show that it’s one of those body parts that tend to burn the most and the fastest.

The Torso

how much sunscreen you need torso
If you’re wondering how much sunscreen you should apply to your front and back body, it should be 1 teaspoon per each. The most overlooked spots on the torso are the armpits and the sides but know that they can burn as well, especially if you fall asleep on the beach like most of us probably did at some point in our life.
Finally, remember that you should wear at least SPF 30-50 and look for broad-spectrum sunscreens because they protect you from all types of UV rays.
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