This Underrated Oil Has Many Terrific Uses for Your Health

In a world that’s becoming rapidly oversaturated with artificial products, many of us start looking for natural items that can be just as beneficial for our health. Today, we will show you one such amazing natural product that has endless health benefits - Moringa Oil. 
moringa oil
Derived from the seeds of Moringa oleifera, a small tree native to the Himalayan Mountains, moringa oil is filled with various helpful nutrients. It has been a staple of Ayurveda for centuries and has been utilized for its wonderful medicinal properties. In fact, it’s one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet. Every single part of the moringa tree, including stems, seeds, pods, fruits, bark, and root, are known to have precious medicinal values. It’s for this reason that the tree has been called “the Miracle Tree,” “the Tree of Life” and “Mother's Milk.” 
While this tree is native to northern India, moringa oil is now produced in all parts of the world. It has many benefits for the skin and overall health, including healthy aging, better hair, and strengthening the skin barrier. Intrigued? Let’s find out more about this magical tree oil.

The composition of moringa oil

Benefits of Moringa Oil,
Moringa seeds have a high oil content and are comprised of countless nutrients. They also contain powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Here’s a look at the composition of moringa oil:
  • Oleic acid
  • Palmitoleic acid
  • Linoleic acid
  • Amino acids
  • Gadoleic acid
  • Stearic acid
  • Vitamin A    
  • B-vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Monounsaturated fats
  • Proteins
  • Sterols
  • Tocopherols.
To produce the oil, the seeds are first extracted from the moringa flowers and fruits. The seeds are then dried and crushed. After several industrial processes, including solvent extraction and cold-pressing, the oil is ready to be bottled and sold. Moringa oil is usually available in two forms: as an essential oil and as a cooking oil. Both of them are beneficial for your health.

Health Benefits of Moringa Oil 

1. Acts as a natural moisturizer

One of the most prominent benefits of moringa oil is that it is a ‘dry’ oil, meaning that when you apply it to your skin, it penetrates deeply in just a few seconds and leaves the skin dry instead of making it greasy. More importantly, its oleic acid (a fatty acid that's found in a lot of plant and vegetable oils) content can be terrific for the skin when used topically as a cleansing agent or simply as a moisturizer. Using it regularly can ensure that that the skin remains hydrated even when exposed to pollution. Just rub 2-3 drops of moringa oil on your palms and gently dab it onto a clean face.  

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2. Has anti-inflammatory properties

Benefits of Moringa Oil,
This powerhouse oil consists of numerous bioactive compounds that have beneficial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory features. Some of these compounds include tocopherols, catechins, quercetin, ferulic acid, and zeatin. You can avail of their benefits through moringa oil both topically or by ingesting it directly. Additionally, the oil also contains vitamin E, which has antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties. 

3. It strengthens the skin barrier

Moringa oil is made up of 40% monounsaturated fatty acids. 70% of that is oleic acid. Dermatologists say that this combination makes the oil great for supporting the skin barrier. A strong skin barrier will help protect the skin against environmental elements like sunlight, pollution, and free radicals while keeping moisture in. The better your skin barrier, the more chances you will have of maintaining healthy and hydrated skin.

Do note, however, that if you have sensitive skin, don’t overuse moringa oil. Limit use to about twice a week and mix it with some gentle oil like almond oil.

4. Repairs skin from damage and can help with inflammation

Thanks to the omega fatty acids and antioxidants present in moringa oil, it can help soothe damaged skin and inflammation. Skin experts say that the vitamins E, A, and C in this tree oil can be particularly useful to repair active lesions, cuts, and burns. One 2018 study discovered that nanofibers with moringa extracts had better wound-healing properties than those without. 

5. Works as an anti-aging oil

Benefits of Moringa Oil,
The high content of vitamin E in moringa oil means it has potent antioxidant properties which can be useful for keeping those premature wrinkles and protects against free radical damage. Also, moringa oil contains plant hormones called cytokinins that influence cell growth and prevent the destruction of skin tissues associated with aging. In addition, its vitamin C content promotes collagen and elastin production for youthful skin.
A 2014 study found that moringa leaf extract promotes facial revitalization and has anti-aging skin effects.

6. Helps fight acne and dark spots

Benefits of Moringa Oil,
Studies have shown that moringa oil has excellent antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. Research has also shown that the oil regulates sebum production by keeping skin hydrated, thus resulting in less oily skin by preventing dirt and bacteria from getting clogged into the pores. Add to it its non-greasy moisturizing effects, and you have an oil that's perfect for fighting acne and other skin issues like dark spots and eczema. 
Just add 3-4 drops of moringa oil to a little amount of almond oil and apply the mixture to acne, dark spots, and scrapes, for quick healing.

7. Promotes hair growth

Benefits of Moringa Oil, hair growth
Moringa oil doesn’t just work wonders for the skin, it also has many benefits for the hair. This nutrient-dense oil is great for fending off scalp irritation, provides enhancing shine, facilitating hair growth, and keeps strands moisturized without weighing them down. This isn’t all. Its essential vitamins and minerals are said to rejuvenate the hair in the long term. Applying moringa oil regularly on your hair will protect it against color depletion while also safeguarding it against the drying and damaging effects of the sun’s rays.
Furthermore, moringa oil can regulate sebum production in the scalp. What’s more, it's a potent fighter of scalp infections, dandruff, scalp acne, scalp psoriasis, and scalp eczema! So how do you use it for your hair? Simply massage the oil from root to tip, and wash your hair after half an hour or so. For added sheen and hydration, leave on overnight and shampoo and condition in the morning. 

8. Provides relief from pain and helps in relaxation

Adding a few drops of moringa oil to a warm bath will provide relief from tiredness and pain. Bathing with this water is said to relieve stress while removing fatigue and boosting relaxation. If you have pain or discomfort in the joints, massaging those areas with a few drops of moringa oil can help in alleviating the aches, thanks to the oil's anti-inflammatory properties. 

9. Can help in cholesterol management

Food-grade or edible moringa oil contains sterols - a group of substances made in plants that are most commonly used for lowering cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that sterols can be especially useful to lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol. High levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood have been linked to coronary heart disease and stroke. Hence, using moringa oil in your diet may help in cholesterol management, although more research is needed to confirm these claims. 

The Bottom Line

Moringa oil is loaded with skin and hair benefits. As an essential oil, it’s great for moisturizing and cleansing the skin and can even help improve skin conditions like acne and dark spots. Applying it routinely on your skin can bring out its natural glow. 
You can also add moringa oil to your diet to obtain many health benefits, as it’s loaded with vitamins, phytonutrients, protein, and other compounds. Add a few drops to your smoothies or simply cook with it. Just ensure the label says it's food-grade.
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