Give Yourself Better Skin With the Korugi Massage

Who wouldn't like to stay young forever, or at the very least - look like it? To achieve this dream and that coveted great skin, many buy items like cremes to slow down wrinkles and pay for cosmetic treatments like Botox injections. If you are interested, however, at achieving this look in a natural, free of charge method, you should try this one thought of by a Japanese man by the name of Chiyo Hayashi. 

It is called Korugi.

Korugi is an especially pleasant and unique face massage technique that helps you keep a young and glowing look, and does wonders for those who do it continuously. In this article, we'd like to show you what happens to our facial skin as we get older, the benefits of Korugi and teach you 7 Korugi exercises you can easily do at home.

What happens to the facial skin as we get older?

korugi facial muscles

When we're young, the facial skin stays smooth and essential due to oils created on it, these oils are spread evenly and in the right places - the forehead and cheeks. As we get older, the muscles of our face get weaker and the process of creating proteins doesn't work as well, and so our body makes uneven amounts of oil. As a result, the face becomes wrinkled and gaunt, with oils usually made in its lower part and so drag the skin down. In order to prevent this deterioration, it is recommended to use methods to preserve the skin, such as the Korugi method.

Benefits of Korugi:

The following benefits can be obtained with the Korugi massage:

- Lighten your skin by removing signs of tiredness and black circles around the eyes.
- Make the facial skin more flexible, and so contribute to a look that is glowing and wrinkle-free.
- Return the face to their younger shape.
- Improve blood flow to the skin

Preparation for the massage

A few important points you should read before beginning the massage technique:

First, it's important to note that this massage is forbidden to people who have ear, nose and throat issues, people with lymph node problems, chronic skin issues or facial wounds or open sores.

Second, before you start the massage, work some oil into your skin and clean it.

Third, make sure you do the massage in front of a mirror, as you want to do it as close to the example as possible.

Also, make sure you use strong movements of rubbing and pressing, without hurting yourselves.

7 Essential Korugi Exercises 

1. Cheek Lift

korugi cheek lift

Sit at a table. Put your elbows on the table and make fists with both hands. Relax your face and press the fists to your cheekbones, as seen in the image. Stay in this position for 5 seconds, and repeat it 5 times in total.

2. Massaging the forehead and neck

korugi  massaging the forehead and neck

Lean your head back a bit and make fists with both hands.
Put both fists by the middle of the forehead at the hairline, as you can see in the image.
Slide the finger knuckles to the side and down through the temples and to your earlobes. 
Open your fists and slowly move your fingers down the sides of your neck to your shoulder clavicles.

3. Smoothing the cheeks
korugi smoothing the cheeks

Put the fingers of both hands together and leave the thumbs straight, as can be seen in the image.
Put the upper part of the right thumb just under your left eye, in the side closer to the nose, and slide it along the cheekbone all the way to the ear.
Slide down the thumb from the ear lobes, on the neck side, and until the clavicle.

Do this twice and then twice on the other side of your face.

4. Smoothing the forehead
korugi massage smoothing the forehead

Make your hands into fists again and put them against the line of your eyebrows.
Slide your finger knuckles up from the eyebrows to the hairline.
Slide them down and a bit to the side in a circular motion back to the eyebrows.
Repeat this exercise 5 times.

5. Eye lifting

korugi massage eye lifting

Make your hands into fists and put the finger and knuckles on the right eyebrow, on the side closest to the nose. 
Slide them on the eyebrow to the right side.
Repeat this for 5 times and then repeat it 5 more times with your left hand and eyebrow.

6. Massaging the lower part of the face

korugi massage massaging the lower part of the face

Make your right hand into a fist and slide the finger knuckles from the chin to the right and up until the temple. Slide them back down to the chin.
Repeat this exercise 8 times then repeat it 8 more times using the left hand and left side.

7. Finish the massage
korugi massage finish the massage

Open your fists. Put the fingers of both hands on the forehead, as can be seen in the image, and slide them towards the temples. 
Slide them from the cheeks to the earlobes, and from there down along the sides of the neck to the collarbone. 

Do these 7 steps once a week for best results.

Source: Brightside

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