Use These 6 Pressure Points to Battle Hair Loss

Hair loss is a phenomenon many people face and try to prevent at all costs; Some people use different creams, chemical or natural preparations, diets and even laser treatments. In addition to these, there is an ancient technique from China that, according to natural medicine experts, can achieve impressive results in preventing hair loss, without purchasing anything or risking the negative effects of various substances. So, before you become skeptical about this issue and continue losing hair, simply read and implement the 6 next steps that will give you healthier and stronger hair.

1. Stimulation and massage pressure point GV 20 – Bai hui

This pressure point is located on the upper right side of the scalp and experts believe that it is related to the source most of the problems that cause hair loss. By applying pressure to this point, blood pressure will increase to the scalp and thus decrease shedding.

pressure points

What should be done?

  • Place your right hand over your right ear in the highest part and do the same with your left hand over your left ear.
  • Stretch the fingers of both hands parallel to the top of the head and place them down your hairline.
  • After finding the place, place 5 fingers on each side and start moving your fingers in a gentle circular motion so as not to damage the hair.
  • Do this for about 10 minutes, and then gently move your fingers in your hair 3-4 times, front to back.
  • This should be done 1-2 times a day.

2. Nail rubbing

One of the methods used by alternative Chinese medicine for maintaining healthy hair and delaying the appearance of gray hair is rubbing the nails together. This prevents excessive loss of hair as a result of shedding and even encourages re-growth.pressure points

What should be done?

  • Put your hands together and hold them apart by about two inches.
  • Fold your fingers and press the nails on your right hand to the nails on your left hand.
  • Now, move your right hand up and your left hand down, so that your fingernails rub gently against each other. While the right pinky meets your left finger, lower your right hand down and lift your left hand accordingly, with your fingernails rubbing again and increasing your pace.
  • Do this for about 5 minutes twice a day.

3. Pressure Point LI1

According to acupuncture theory, pressing on external organs such as the hands and feet, etc., affects the internal organs responsible for various functions. For example, point LI1, located at the corner of the nail on the side near the thumb, is one of those external organs that affect another spot located below the first lumbar vertebra close to the colon, which can improve blood flow and can stimulate hair growth.pressure points

What should be done?

  • Gently press the point, located at the corner of the fingernail nail (between the fingernail and the tip of the finger joint).
  • Do this for 2-3 minutes once a day on both hands.

4. Pressure point B13 

Another amazing point for treating hair loss is B13, and the exercise you need to do to activate it is quite simple.pressure points

What should be done?

  • Gently place 3 fingers in the part between the shoulder blades and the spine on the right side of the back.
  • Press the area with your fingers while rubbing in a circular motion for 3 minutes.
  • Now do the same on the left side for maximum results.
  • It is recommended to do this twice a day.

5. Pressure point LU6

LU6 is a secret acupressure point located on the inner forearm and is considered one of the most effective and stimulating points for hair growth. This point can be pressed at any time during the day, about two to three times, for 3-5 minutes.pressure points

What should be done?

  • Place the thumb of your left hand on the center of your right forearm bone (at the marked point).
  • Gently press on the spot in small rotations to help improve blood flow.
  • You can repeat this action anytime throughout the day.

6. Pressure point LU9 

The position of the LU9 point is in the wrist below the thumb. This area is usually massaged during muscle contractions or as a part of wrist care, but at the same time there is evidence that it is effective in preventing shedding, and at the same time encourages healthy hair growth.pressure points

What should be done?

  • Fold your right hand inward.
  • Now place your left thumb on the bent area of the wrist, below the thumb. 
  • Press firmly while rotating your left thumb in small movements massaging the area.
  • Do this for 3-5 minutes and switch hands. Do this 2-3 times a day at any time during the day.

Hair growth can, in fact, also be stimulated by acupuncture and by a strict diet that contains essential nutrients rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, walnuts, flaxseed, etc., but regular use of pressure points will give you good results in hair growth. These actions are an ancient technique that proves itself, however, it is important to know that, like any other medicine or treatment, this treatment also requires time and care. Furthermore, it is important to note that there is no need to press all 6 points to stop hair loss, rather it is enough that you choose 2-3 points from those recommended here, and massage them regularly.


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