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11 Cool Things You’ll Only Find in Australia

 Australia gets mixed reviews among tourists. While many people ironically point out how Australian nature is deadly and dangerous, others point out the many amazing things about the Land Down Under, like the delicious coffee, the most beautiful beaches, and the friendly locals. What other things pleasantly surprised travelers when they first visited Australia? Here is a short but fascinating list.

1. The author of Mary Poppins, Pamela Lyndon Travers, was born in Maryborough, Australia. Her hometown has Mary Poppins-themed crossing lights in her honor.

Only in Australia Mary Poppins-themed crossing lights

2. This street in Fremantle, Australia, was painted to create an optical illusion.

Only in Australia street in Fremantle, Australia

3. “I had the window open and he just flew in, Bena, Victoria.”

Only in Australia parrot flew in

4. "A library in the outback of Australia"

Only in Australia library

5. Australians who turn 50 receive a free bowel cancer test kit from the government.

Only in Australia free bowel cancer test kit

6. "Some trams in Australia have spots for surfboards."

Only in Australia spots for surfboards

7. New parents in Victoria, Australia, receive free baby bags at the hospital.

Only in Australia free baby bags

8. Brisbane has bike repair stations available for the public.

Only in Australia Brisbane bike repair stations

9. There are automatic defibrillators on the streets of Adelaide, South Australia.

Only in Australia automatic defibrillators on the streets of Adelaide, South Australia.

10. These trash containers use solar power to compress waste.

Only in Australia trash containers use solar power to compact waste

11. "All the colors within this gum tree leaf in Australia."

Only in Australia gum tree leaf in Australia
Source of all images: Acid Cow
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