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Time Capsule: Watch Old Ads for "New" Technologies

 Remember when these came out? They all seemed so advanced back in their day, and truly, they were. But looking back at them now brings back memories of more naive times when we could all do just fine with a heavy radio that was bigger than our torso. It really was state of the art!
Gadget enthusiasts, ask yourself the following: how much are you willing to spend on the latest piece of tech? How about, say... 18,725 US dollars? "Too much," you say? What if we lowered it to 13,000? Still too much? These prices are today's equivalents of some of the prices people paid back then for the newest tech gadgets. Check out the advertisements down below. You're welcome to use an inflation calculator to get some perspective of the prices.

Emerson Radio Corporation Television Set, 1949

Philips Cassette Tape Recorder, around mid 1960s

Motorola Stereo Hi-Fi Coffee Table, 1962

Sears Video Arcade, 1977

Realistic Trc-471 Transceiver, 1978

Westinghouse 'Big Picture Television', 1949

PC Computer Unit, 1984

Bell & Howell 8mm Camera, early '60

Ampex Fr200 Tape Transport, early '50

Sears Color TV, early '60

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