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These Optical Illusions Are Beyond Fascinating!

 Many kinds of optical illusions exist. Some trick our color perception and others mingle with our understanding of shapes and proportions. The 14 optical illusions we’re about to share with you confuse the mind and make the viewer see moving images where no actual motion occurs. All of these images are completely static, they’re not videos or animations, but your brain will try to convince you otherwise!

1. This peacock is spreading its feathers

Optical Illusions peacock

2. Here's a trick - focus on one of these circles, and it will stop moving

Optical Illusions yellow and green circles

3. It seems as if every ball is moving in a different direction

Optical Illusions balls moving in different directions

4. Scroll up and down to see these shapes moving from side to side

Optical Illusions shapes moving from side to side

5. This picture has a shine to it!

Optical Illusions concentric circles

6. The spiral keeps expanding!

Optical Illusions spiral keeps expanding

7. Which way are the arrows going - left or right?

Optical Illusions big circle on a red background

8. Do you see the three moving cylinders?

Optical Illusions three moving cylinders

9. So many moving hearts!

Optical Illusions moving hearts

10. An endless corridor

Optical Illusions endless corridor

11. When you try to focus on the white square, it moves further and further...

Optical Illusions white square

12. These squares are moving like a wave

Optical Illusions wave squares

13. So many rotating circles!

Optical Illusions many circles

14. How is this ball floating above that black hole?!

Optical Illusions floating ball
Source of all images: Acidcow
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