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20 Examples of Companies Using Misleading Packaging

 As unfortunate as it may sound, deception is the name of the game for an overwhelming number of companies these days. One of the most glaring marketing tactics through which consumers are being shamelessly manipulated is deceptive packaging. As these 20 pictures prove, companies are constantly lying about the size and the quality of their products through mislabeling items, putting things in bigger boxes, and distributing the contents of the product in a very misleading manner. The only question I have is, how’s all this legal?

1. "1001 stickers and 768 of them are useless"

Deceptive Packaging 1001 stickers and 768 of them are useless
Image Source: Reddit

2. So by "candy topped" they mean a singular piece of candy?!

Deceptive Packaging candy topped
Image Source: Reddit

3. "Is anyone else bothered by deceptive packaging like this?"

4. "Tricked by the packaging of my moisturizing cream"

Deceptive Packaging Tricked by the packaging of my moisturizing cream
Image Source: Reddit

5. Is it even legal to label this "nondairy creamer"?

Deceptive Packaging non dairy creamer
Image Source: Reddit

6. Modern production in a nutshell

Deceptive Packaging Modern production in a nutshell
Image Source: Boredpanda

7. This isn't even funny

Deceptive Packaging poppy pastry
Image Source: Twitter

8. I see, this is the fake kind of natural brown sugar!

Deceptive Packaging fake natural brown sugar
Image Source: Reddit

9. "I was wondering why this watermelon juice tasted so weird"

Deceptive Packaging watermelon juice
Image Source: Reddit

10. This is why you should always read the small print

Deceptive Packaging rolling stone
Image Source: Reddit

11. Oh my, all the meatballs rolled right under the transparent part of the package - what a convenient "coincidence" 

Deceptive Packaging meatballs
Image Source: Reddit

12. "Some acrylic paints I bought..."

Deceptive Packaging Some acrylic paints I bought...
Image Source: Reddit

13. Just scratch off the sticker, and the truth will appear

14. "This big box of beef jerky seemed like a bargain until I opened the box"

Deceptive Packaging beef jerky
Image Source: Reddit

15. This one's just pure EVIL!

Deceptive Packaging wrap
Image Source: Reddit

16. Proof that there is no such thing as "flushable toilet wipes"

Deceptive Packaging flushable toilet wipes
Image Source: Reddit

17. When the size is "actual" but not so factual

Deceptive Packaging actual size
Image Source: Reddit

18. The same quantity, but new packaging on the right

Deceptive Packaging new packaging
Image Source: Reddit

19. "Thought I’d buy some colored pens.... turns out every single one of them has blue ink?!"

Deceptive Packaging blue pens
Image Source: Reddit

20. The package says "printed all over" and they deliberately left just the pattern visible

Deceptive Packaging Printed all over
Image Source: Reddit
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