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A Sneak Preview of the Best Comedy Wildlife Photos of 2020

Every year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards makes us smile from ear to ear and brightens our day as they share a collection of the funniest animal photo moments of the year. Since this year has been an especially challenging one for many people, they have decided to publish an early preview of the 12 most hilarious entries of the 2020 competition so far. Certainly, some of these side-splitting and cute animal photos have the potential of becoming the winner or at least a finalist of the competition announced at the end of this turbulent year. 
See these 12 hilarious early highlights below, and for even more fun and smiles, go ahead and take a look at the winners of the two previous years by following these links:

1. "Rough Night" by Anthony Bucci - a Northern Pygmy-Owl in British Columbia, Canada

Comedy Wildlife Preview 2020 "Rough Night." Northern Pygmy Owl, British Columbia, Canada

2. "Wowza!" by Yaron Schmid - Lion Cubs and Their Mother in Masai Mara, Kenya

3. "It's Too Late Roebuck, Too Late" by Alvin Tarkmees - Roebuck Deer in Estonia

4. "Laughing Hippo" by Manoj Shah - a Mother and a Baby in Masai Mara, Kenya

5. "Doing The Sand Dance" by Janet Miles - a Brown Bear in Alaska, USA

6. "Lightweight Wrestling" by Yarin Klein - Lions Cubs at the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

7. "Maestro" by Reynante Martinez - a Chalky Percher Damselfly in Zambales, Philippines

8. "Walk On Water" by Tommy Mees - a Flamingo in Serengeti, Tanzania

9. "Laughing Stock" by Tanvir Ali - Zebras at the Nairobi National Park, Kenya

10. "Laughing Sea Otter" by David DesRochers in California, USA

11. "True Name" by Thomas Grigoleit - Yellow Collared Lovebirds in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

12. "Confused" by Joham Siggesson - a Seal in the UK

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