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Quiz: How Do You Draw Your X?

 Many experts believe that, not unlike the Rorschach test, the way people write or draw things may indicate certain things about their personality. This test has been driving the internet crazy, especially because it seems to be eerily accurate. To participate, take a pen or pencil and a piece of paper, and draw a big X. Draw it just like you always do, don't think about it. Then click on the X that was drawn like you did on the image below.

NOTE: The first line is the colored line, and the black line is the second one. For example, if the X consists of a red and a black line, it means the red line was drawn first, and the black one was drawn second.

Click on the X form you drew:


Lower Right Then Lower Left

If you drew your X like this, you're probably either left-handed or a person with independence and know-how. You mostly want people to leave you alone, and sometimes, you may have strained relationships with the people around you, but you are proud of the relations you do have with the people you actually like. You have a tendency to make things more complicated and worry even when there's no reason to do so, but somehow, things usually work out for you. This X may also signify that you feel the need to get ahead in life and want a good future, but often find yourself mired in the past. Remember that you CAN change things and shape your own life.

Lower Left Then Lower Right

If this is your X, you're probably a pretty spiritual person who gives a lot of deep thought to a lot of topics. At the same time, you are very connected to reality. While a lot of people have a problem with the word 'religion', you tend to define it more as 'spirituality' - which makes you feel like you understand it better. You want to keep the uniqueness of different things in your life, but to keep them efficient and useful for you - otherwise, you'd have to cut them out of your life. This way of drawing the X can also indicate you have a strong desire to let go of your past and look ahead to the future, but your past still has a hold on you. Remember that true change will come from within.

Top Right then Bottom Right

If this is your X, you're probably left-handed, or very stubborn and have a desire to be independent. You want your space and your peace, and you may have some tense relationships with some of your close family members. That said, you are proud of the long term friends you've made. You tend to worry too much and make things complicated, but somehow, your life remains pretty good and simple. This X may also indicate you tend to rebel against what is expected, sometimes without reason, but remember - sometimes the best advice comes from other people. Listen to them.

Bottom Right then Top Right

If this is your X, you're left-handed, or very driven by stubbornness and self-confidence. What you want most is a bit of peace, as you've known a lot of interpersonal hardships in your life. Despite this, you are proud of the contacts you still have. You try to look forward to the future but you are constantly seduced by the past and the beautiful things it contained. This is a bit like driving a car and looking in the back mirror all the time! Keep looking forward, it will make your present relationships that much better.

Top Left then Bottom Left

If this is your X, you are probably a spiritual person, but one that is practical with both feet on the ground. You likely define yourself as such and understand certain things other people may have a hard time comprehending. You want to keep the uniqueness of who you are, but you have a problem keeping parts of yourself that don't seem to do anything or aren't practical. This X may also indicate that you are fiercely independent, listening very little to others. Our advice? Take theirs, it may be that the best advice you get is from people who care about you.

Bottom Left then Top Left

If this is your X, you are a very unique individual, with little need for others' help. In fact, you want to be left alone more often than not. You do, however, have some long-standing relationships you'd never give up. You tend to set the tone of most hangouts, the one who talks first, goes first, suggest things (unless conditioned otherwise). You like to do your own work, but remember that no man (or woman) is an island. You will always need others, and sometimes - others NEED for you to NEED them!

Top Left then Top Right

If this is your X, you may be highly creative, the kind that creates a weird relationship with the word 'talent'. You may not always be able to exhibit your true skills, but you're proud of them. You don't like to make things too complicated and you keep your life pretty simple and organized when you can. This X may indicate that you're also a person who rarely breaks social norms, whether at work or your private life. You like a good balance between things. Remember that it's ok to break the rules and mold sometimes.

Top Right then Top Left

If this is your X, you're either left-handed or a very complex person (or both). As a result, it's hard for you to keep to a relationship, with the added fact that you have very high standards set a long time in your past. It could also be that you just tire of people quickly, and it's hard for you to remain interested. You don't like to deal with boring and repetitive daily tasks, you don't like simplicity. You probably tend to think outside the box, even when you don't have to. It's just the way you think.
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