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10 DIY Ways to Say I Love You This Valentine's Day

 This video collection offers 10 tutorials on the art of making a Valentine's Day gift all by yourself using simple items you probably already have at home. These kinds of gifts are always appreciated because you made them yourself. They may be small, but these thoughtful little gifts go a long way and are both creative and romantic. Some of these are also fun to do as a family or with kids so that they can gift them to others.


How to Make 3D Hearts
Making a beautiful paper heart is a classic Valentine's Day tradition. But how about taking it one step further and making it three dimensional? You can also use card or foam, and make a gift anyone would love, especially family members and children!
How to Make Self-Opening Paper Flowers
Flowers are always a nice touch, but they wither and die. How about making a paper flower that opens by itself, how fun would THAT be? It's actually much easier than you'd think...
How to Make Heart-Shaped Boiled Eggs
An always great way to say "I love you" is through the stomach! This is our first food-based video, and it's going to teach you to make a heart-shaped boiled egg. It's simple to do, it's yummy and it's so nice to see on a plate!
How to Make Tomato Hearts
Another loving way into the stomach this Valentine's is to make a heart out of a plum tomato, you get that red color plus it has a great look and you can stick it on a cocktail stick to make it look fancy.
How to Make Romantic Gifts Using Fruit
If you have fruit in the house, there's a quick way to make it into a Valentine's gift! From strawberry roses to writing a love note on a banana - all you need for these is some fruit and creativity!
How to Make Coca Cola Can Roses
If you'd like to go for something more long-lasting, how about making a rose out of a coke can? This is also a great activity to do with kids so they can surprise others with this surprisingly pretty gift. Here you'll get the template plans and the origami folds you need to use to make it happen.
How to Make Heart-Shaped Cupcakes
Now, of course, no Valentine's Day list lacks a good baking option. Let's not forget that baking is love! Baking heart-shaped cupcakes, therefore, is double the love! These are both delicious and ever-so-romantic.
How to Make Heart-Shaped Pizza
And now we graduate our Valentine's food items with a perfect Valentine's day dinner, a heart-shaped pizza! This is awesome for a family meal on this day of love and of course for a romantic dinner between two that doesn't require much but will add a smile to anyone's lips.
How to Arrange Flowers
Of course, we cannot forget the flowers. If you are giving someone some flowers this Valentine's Day, it's always a good idea to arrange them nicely in a vase. This video will give you a beginner's idea of how to arrange flowers in the most beautiful ways.
5 Smaller Romantic DIYs for Valentine's Day
If these 9 suggestions before were not enough or weren't your cup of tea, we have 5 more quick suggestions for cute little Valentine's Day DIYs that say "I Love You" to someone. These are super easy to make and are just adorable to receive.
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