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9 Tips for Smelling Good All Day Long

 Everyone feels self-conscious about the way they smell from time to time. Coming out of the gym, or just after a long day of running around for errands. And, somehow, it seems that some people smell amazing no matter what they do and what time of the day it is. Infuriating.
The definition of smelling good is individual, of course. One person’s good might mean the scent of flowery perfume, while another’s is the cleanly smell of laundry, or just smelling neutral at the end of the day rather than having body odor. Whatever your approach may be, if smell is something you find yourself worrying over, it is possible to smell good all day, and here’s how.
1. The Right Diet
The Right Diet
Diet is key to the way you smell, as the body emits what goes into it. Certain foods contain foul-smelling compounds called VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can cause an unpleasant odor when extracted through the sweat glands. Foods that contain high levels of VOCs include cruciferous veggies like broccoli and Brussels sprouts, asparagus, and red meat. 
Being aware of your consumption of spices, onion and garlic is important, too. They might be good for the body, but their smell can come out through your pores up to 48 hours after you eat them (depending on how much you ate). And of course, alcohol has an effect on body odor. The byproduct of alcohol is sugar, which is processed through the pores and can cause a sickly sweet smell. 
To smell good, fresh food is key. Lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.
2. Find the Right Scent For You
Find the Right Scent For You
This may be a bit of work, but it’s definitely worth the time. The scent that works wonders for your friend may not have the same effect for you, as individual body chemistry is playing a part. You’ll be surprised to know how many brands and stores offer samples of their popular scents, which is a perfectly affordable way to experiment.
Another good tip is seeing how a scent evolves in the course of 4 hours. Experts on the topic explain that your first impression of a fragrance is called ‘top note’, and it lasts for about 20 minutes. To get a more accurate feel of the scent, try to notice how it changes when it fades over time.
3. And Then Make It LastAnd Then Make It Last

Some types of scent dissipate quicker than others. If longevity is important to you, you might want to try fragrances from the woody family, for example. These range from nutty-creamy types of smells to spicy ones, and even sandalwood. Citrus smells, on the other hand, are proven not to last as long.

Another key factor to having your fragrance last is where you spray it. Fragrances work from the bottom up, so the best areas to spray would be your knee area, chest, and behind the ears. Spraying the wrists works, too, but do not rub the wrists together! Rubbing perfume in breaks down the top note, the first 20-minute effect, and only leaves you with the more faint stage of the scent – and less wear time.

4. Build a Layer of Fragrances
Build a Layer of Fragrances
Don’t forget your favorite scent doesn’t only come in perfume form. There are shower gels, oils, and creams, too. If you layer the fragrance by using a few products at once, it is way more likely to stick around. If you would like to avoid synthetic or chemical additives and go for a more natural product, you can opt for the oil option rather than the cream. 
5.  Stay Hydrated and Moisturized
Stay Hydrated and Moisturized
Moisture is extremely important for a pleasant body smell. And there is an even easier way to do it than applying oils and creams – just drink lots of water, of course! When the skin is dry, it tends to absorb and dissipate perfume significantly more quickly. Staying hydrated also helps with the smell of your breath. Dehydration reduces the production of saliva, which is a problem because spit actually has antibacterial and antifungal properties. They keep your breath from getting smelly. 
6. Take Care of Your Clothes​
Take Care of Your Clothes​
It may seem obvious, but the way you care for your clothes and laundry has a big effect on the odors you emit. Regular washing goes a long way. If you’re feeling adventurous, there is a whole world of detergents. Non-toxic, allergen-free, those that smell like boutique fragrances, you name it. Not that any of this is obligatory, of course. Sticking to your usual product will do the job perfectly.  
7. Make Sure Your Home Smells Good
Make Sure Your Home Smells Good
Believe it or not, your environment makes a difference in the way you smell during the day. So don’t stop with your body and clothes. Air out the rooms frequently so they don’t get stuffy and start smelling stale. Change your sheets regularly, use scented candles in your home and aromatizing products in the bathroom. This will contribute greatly to your sense of calmness at home, on top of the smell benefits. 
8. Store Fragrances Properly
Store Fragrances Properly
When perfume is exposed to heat and humidity, the scent molecules break down, and so does the effectiveness. Keep your perfume in cool, dry areas of your home – the bathroom is a big no-no. Always keep the bottle sealed when not in use. Some experts even advise keeping the original box. They might look flimsy and impractical, but perfume boxes were designed to hold the aromas within.  
9. Reapply During the Day
Reapply During the Day
Even if you do everything correctly – keep a balanced diet, store, and apply perfume the right way, etc., we are all human and all have busy days. We all sweat and absorb whatever is in the air around us. It’s okay to freshen up your perfume once a day, especially if you have an extra-long one. Keep a travel-sized perfume or a rollerball one in your bag for these moments.
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