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The Most Influential People In History

 History is built on the backs of men and women who made the impossible seem possible. Men and women of wisdom, of war, of leadership and of extraordinary abilities, have always dragged humanity along with them, showing them strange new thoughts and sights, inventing a better future for us all. The collection before you is one that celebrates the most incredible people in history that inspire, motivate, amaze us and show us the way.

The World's Most Successful Inventors

Do you sit at home and suddenly, a brilliant idea comes to you, but instead of acting on it you just think that someone’s already thought of it, and give up? Next time that happens - DON’T! Write it down and look into it, because inventions can be a really lucrative business! If you don’t believe us, just have a look at the 15 richest inventors in the world, and think again...

9 Powerful Women In History

Though there have been a great many inspiring women throughout the ages, most of the ones we hear about are known for their typical feminine qualities that men desire. This list, however, celebrates some of the most important women who shone among their contemporaries due to their superior will power, perseverance, and hot tempers. 
Starting in Italy and spreading out across Europe, the many great works and developments of the Renaissance had a permanent effect on European civilization. Here are ten of the most influential people of this time, including sculptors, painters, architects, writers, humanists, scientists, and philosophers.
Without the right teacher, educating children and adults alike would be close to impossible. However, the lessons of some of history's greatest teachers stretched far beyond their own immediate classrooms, and have helped to shape education and society as we find it today. Below, you'll find ten of the most influential teachers our world has ever seen, along with explanations about what exactly they did to make their lessons so meaningful.
It’s the time of year to be grateful for all our mothers ever gave us, regardless of whether it was their unconditional love, life lessons or their care and nurturing from when we were just infants. In celebration of the unsung heroes of our world, here are 12 of the greatest moms in history.
When the Vatican announced on February 11th, 2013 that Pope Benedict XVI would resign the papacy due to his advanced age, he became the first pope to do so in almost 600 years, with the last being Pope Gregory XII back in 1415. Here are 10 of the most interesting popes in the history of the papacy.
The British Monarchy has existed since the time of Alfred the Great of the House of Wessex all the way back in the 9th century. Since that time, numerous dynasties, or houses, have sat on the British throne, but the monarchs you’re about to learn about are the most significant of all. Here are the top 11 royals in the history of the British monarchy.
To be eccentric means, literally, to be off-center. Somebody who is described as eccentric would imply that they are a little odd, or out of the ordinary, but not necessarily insane. The monarchy has seen it's fair share of eccentric individuals, let's take a look at 6 of history's most eccentric rulers.
The annals of history are rich with leaders who earned great renown for their courage and skill in battle. Some fought for honor and admiration, others - for the right thing, and yet some fought because there was no greater thrill than the field of battle. Here are some of history’s greatest warrior kings and tacticians of the ancient world, both heroic and horrible.

10 Richest People In History 

You would think that the modern age is teeming with billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet whose estimated worth ranges from $80-130 billion. However, you would be surprised to know that history is replete with figures whose net worth would put the modern-day mega billionaires to shame. Take a look.
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