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Discover 13 Hyper Realistic Artists

 Hyper-realism has seen a remarkable surge in recent years. With this upward trend, we are seeing some truly talented artists come into the light and discovered by the world. Their creations are incredibly true to reality while also adding a certain painted charm that makes it look even more real than real (if such a thing is possible) and often fools our eyes. Enjoy this premium collection of hyper-realistic artists and their works. 

Italian Artists Marcello Barenghi can create the most astoundingly realistic-looking hand drawings. Amazingly, at the age of 9, he was so impressed with Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Mona Lisa”, that he tried to reproduce it on his own. Using water paint, colored pencils, air-brushes, and more. His art is often indistinguishable from photographs, thanks to his attention to details.

The young African artist Enam Bosokah has the amazing ability to create hyper-realistic portraits with nothing but a regular pen! Enam continues to amaze the world with his majestic works that teach us something: To create art, the only elements really necessary are passion, creativity, and talent. He obviously has all 3, as his paintings almost seem to come alive.

Photo-realism is an art movement that astounds and humbles me. The sheer skill and patience it requires to make paintings that are so life-like, so much like a real photograph, is mind-blowing. All the paintings you are about to see were drawn, not by a computer, but by the hands of talented artists, able to re-create reality with nothing but brush strokes and an artist's eye. Wonderful.

Andrey Poletaev is a self-taught artist who specializes in ballpoint pen art and graphics. His work is technically complex and predominantly focuses on cityscapes. This art form is incredibly difficult to master, as mistakes are permanent. The complex detail found in cityscapes also makes them incredibly time-consuming to complete. Nevertheless, the effect created when using ink in this way is nothing short of stunning when executed correctly. Take a look at Andrey's impressive works of art.


At first glance, the images below may look like photos, or at most, digitally enhanced images. In actual fact, what follows are hyper-realistic oil paintings created by talented Belgium artist Christiane Vleugels. Her interest in art began at the very tender age of 12 - a passion that she continued to pursue well into her teen years when she, later on, studied Fine Arts and learned drawing and sculpting. Take a look at the incredible art she creates.
Emanuele Dascanio is a young artist - he was born in 1983 and graduated from art school Lucio Fontana Di Arese in Italy, in 2003. He is a true master of his craft, creating incredibly realistic graphite pencil and charcoal portraits that exude spirituality, emotion, and energy. As you're about to see, the details in his drawings look incredibly real. Let's take a look at some of his fascinating work.

It is incredible to think of how talented some artists are. When I came across the wonderful drawings of Paul Lung I was tricked into thinking that these images were black and white photographs. It is hard to believe that they were all drawn using a single pencil! Take a look at his accurate depiction of cats and people in this truly fascinating collection. See more of Paul Lung's art, here.

How Can Anyone Paint Rain on Glass So Realistically?

I can’t understand how anybody can paint as well as Gregory Thielker (InstagramTumblr) does. When I saw these ‘paintings’, I had to zoom in to see if my eyes weren’t playing up again – did he really put these images together with a brush?! Have a look for yourself and see if they are not the most fantastic rainy-road impressions ever put on canvas.
They say the camera changed forever the need for portrait painters to paint realistically since man is incapable of matching the technology. But, when I saw this artwork from Chinese painter, Leng Jun, I realized that man can indeed imitate nature as far as the eye can see. Just look at these pictures and try to imagine the deftness of touch and the incredible skill needed to produce them.
The gallery below contains 15 of the accomplished digital artist, Irakli Nadar's most spectacular and realistic works, that completely redefine the concept of realism.
Hyper-realistic art is incredibly impressive. And American artist Cathy Sheeter sets the bar high with her artwork, in which she creates realistic scratch drawings on ink coated boards. Scratchboard is a unique medium. Discover more about how this form of art is done and see Cathy's mesmerizing work below.
This artist, who hails from the Dominican Republic, has put a lot of attention into the details. You will notice the freckles, pores, and skin texture, making it difficult to believe that it was painted on canvas. You can actually see the countless hours spent perfecting the work, dedication and exceptional talent portrayed in his artwork. Take a look.
Patrick Kramer is a hyper-realistic painter from Utah, the U.S. He creates his art from photos and paints whatever captures his interest, be it from still lives, portraits, city scenes or landscapes.​ He studied painting in college and experimented with hyperrealism as a way of perfecting his craft. While he never intended to pursue the style, he found it hard to give up, as it suited his nature.
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