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Everything About Coffee

 Nothing is as soothing to the body and soul like a warm cup of coffee. It will help you wake up early in the morning, give you energy during a long and tiresome day, and last, but not least, it’s just delicious! No wonder coffee is such a staple, an item you can find in nearly every kitchen on the planet. And while many of us are united in our love of coffee, our opinions on it are often divided. Is coffee good for us? Can one get addicted to coffee? Those are exactly the topics we explore in this coffee lovers collection, as well as give you some excellent advice on how to supercharge your coffee and get rid of those pesky coffee stains.
Since most of us are encouraged to place limits on our daily caffeine consumption, it makes sense to make the most out of each and every cup. Take a look at the 6 fancy coffee infusions inside, and see which one would best serve your needs.
Coffee is more than just a drink, it’s a passion. Or an addiction. It also has a lot of health benefits (more on that later), but like most other things, too much of it can cause some major harm.

Why coffee has become so popular so quickly is surely down to two reasons. Firstly, we just love the taste and aroma that only the finest coffee provides. Secondly, there are certain observable effects that coffee has on our body and mind that we like. But what are these bodily effects, exactly? Are they, on balance, harmful or beneficial for your health? Let’s break this down by taking a look at what happens to your body after you finish drinking a cup of coffee.

Some of us just can't make it through the day without our cup of coffee, and I can't say it's hard to see why. People call coffee "the fuel of the modern man" as a joke, but it's not really too far from the truth. Take a look at any office during the morning hours and the majority of people will be drinking coffee. While I also love tea, there is still much to be said about the benefits and the facts you never knew about coffee.

If you're thinking of cutting back or removing caffeine from your diet, you need to be prepared for possible withdrawal symptoms that may occur due to your body's shock at the lack of caffeine it is now getting. These withdrawal symptoms can include fatigue, depression, headaches, sleepiness, irritability, concentration problems, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, and nervousness. But don't worry, you'll survive and the withdrawals won't be so bad if you make use of the following helpful tips.

For a very long time, medicine and science believed that ingesting coffee, or the caffeine in coffee to be precise, would have a negative effect on a person's health. But is it so? The following infographic gives 13 reasons why a daily fix of coffee is a good thing. Additional information for each point can be found underneath.

Watch - How Caffeine Affects Your Body and Mind

Ever wondered how caffeine manages to get you through a rough morning or keep you awake at night? Seeing as the world consumes over 100,000 metric tons of caffeine each year, it's important that we actually know what we're putting into our bodies, and this informative video has all the answers.

Surprising Uses for Old Coffee Grounds

Coffee provides us with a quick boost of energy to start the day, or to stay up late at night. Most of us, however, discard old coffee grounds, but you may want to hold on to them after reading about their many practical uses here. There is also a bonus video at the end you won't want to miss. 
I’m willing to spend the $3 a day for my daily dose of caffeine, but there are definitely some days when I wonder whether or not it’s worth it. But for the real coffee lovers out there, coffee is a necessity and a good cup of coffee is worth scouring the globe for. These are the rarest and most expensive coffees found and made all across the planet.
A sudden brake while driving and your latte forms a pattern on the car seats. What you thought was a push door turned out to be a pull, and suddenly your white sweater is brown. Don’t worry, we have solutions for all of your coffee stain related problems. From coffee stains on your teeth to spilled coffee on your couch, these tips can make coffee stains a thing of the past.
Coffee is my favorite drink. If I could I would devour a delicious cup of the black stuff during every hour of the day. But it's also great to look forward to a steaming pot of coffee too! If you love coffee as much as I do, you'll love to test your devotion with these coffee drinkers' ultimate quiz. Here are 12 questions to quiz just how much you really know about the humble coffee bean.
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