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9 Psychological Tricks to Boost Your Charisma

 Some people in the world just radiate charisma in a way that attracts all those around them. Some of them become famous movie stars or politicians. That said, most of us don't need to be rich or famous to have such charisma. Looks aren't a determining factor either. What DOES affect people's attraction towards you? You're welcome to find out with 9 great psychological tips that can increase anyone's charisma.

psychological tricks for charisma

1. Develop a personal image for yourselves

You need to develop your own personal image. Moreover, you should find one detail that is unique just to you. After all, this image is what people will have in their mind when thinking about you. It may sound strange, but uniqueness can be expressed even in weird things like an unusual look or even a weakness. 

Any characteristic that can make you unique - whether it's your lifestyle, your facial expressions, the way you talk or something you always wear - can make you more unique and unforgettable.

Here are a few examples of famous people who created an unforgettable image for themselves.

Charlie Chaplin - Tiny mustache, suit and walking stick.
Winston Churchill - Famous for holding cigars.
Joseph Stalin - Mustache and pipe
Marilyn Monroe - Blond hair and beauty mark
Salvador Dali - Extraordinary mustache and crazed facial expressions. 

2. Dream Big

For people to want to follow you with their eyes closed and appreciate you as unique, irreplaceable people, you must create a reason for your existence in this world. Big ambitions, important goals and a desire to create a change in people's lives are the most powerful things you can use for that. There's a saying: "A person without a dream is like a book without an idea - why would anyone be interested in it?"

If you want to be more attractive to others, develop a passion for something and follow it. We are known for our goals no less than our ideals.

psych tips for charisma woman proud

3. Work on your self-confidence

Surely, to be charismatic one needs to develop a good sense of self-confidence (or at least project it). Make decisions with courage, trust yourselves, don't wait for others to help you solve your problems, and explain your ideas to people in a way that will help them understand you.  Moreover, the people around you can feel your self-confidence, not only by how you behave, but also how you talk. Avoid sentences like "I hope that..", "I assume so..", "I expect that.." etc.

psychological tricks for charisma man in suit

4. Know how to use your body language

Your body language says a lot about how self-confident you are. So, don't walk hunched over, don't play with objects in your hands while you are talking to others. Smile frequently, look people in the eyes and avoid positions that "close" your body to the person in front of you (hugging yourselves for example). Generally, when you are among a large number of people, unfold a red carpet in your mind and walk as if you were the most important person there (not to be obnoxious about it, just as if you own every place you walk into). 

5. Stop Complaining

Do you admire someone who won't stop complaining? Would you even hold such a person in high regard? In most cases, the answer will be no, and that is because charismatic people also have an optimistic and positive attitude. If you want to attract more people to you then avoid criticizing others, expressing complaints more than once and frequently bringing up negative topics of conversation. Rare is the perfect life, we all have things to complain about, so make sure the conversations you create with others are pleasant and will make them want to listen to you. People do NOT like listening to complaints.


6. Learn to tell stories in an interesting way

Many believe that the ability to tell stories in an interesting way is a talent, but that is not always the case. This is mostly a skill that can be learned like any other. When you tell a story, be sure first of how it goes, so you don't delay and try to remember it midway through, speak with confidence and use humor, especially self-humor, as the ability to make fun of ourselves is one of those things that make any story unforgettable. For example, most comedians use examples from their own experiences. In addition, convey emotions and plot points with your body, stay smiling and calm even when the story is less than positive. Don't worry if not all jokes land, just focus on telling the story the best way you can.

psychological tricks for charisma woman talking
7. Look people in the eye

When speaking to a person, try to avoid looking away. Sometimes a straight look in the eyes can say what a thousand words cannot, and keep the other person magnetized to you. Eye contact shows you are listening to the person talking, that they have your attention, you understand them and accept them. It's very important to remember this tip when you are in a public place. Don't let anything or anyone distract you while you're talking to someone, don't look at your phone and don't give the other person the feeling they are losing your attentiveness.  

8. Learn to listen

Following from number 7, you must make sure the person you are talking to doesn't lose your attention, not just look like they haven't - but for real. You may carry yourself as an important person with self-confidence, but you have to also make others feel important, which makes them really enjoy your company and attract to you. Listening isn't easy at all, it's like a muscle and must be exercised. 

To another person, being really listened to is addicting and flattering. It's a very good feeling you're giving them. A little tip: Listen for names and use them when you respond to a person. If they introduce themselves, use their name when introducing yourself ("Hi David, I'm Daniela, nice to meet you.").

If you want people to remember YOUR name, just use James Bond's old trick, which is repeating your name. "Hi, I'm Daniela, Daniela Smith."

9. Use the mirror effect

The mirror effect is an easy way to make people unknowingly like you by copying their facial expressions, intonation and body language. This often works, because it is based on human nature and our great love for ourselves. By doing this you will make the other person feel like you have a lot in common, and are on "the same wavelength". Alternatively, you can use the body language and behavior of a person you know these people appreciate or adore. If you learn to talk and behave like them (not in an obvious way) the person you are talking to will show you that same appreciation.


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