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A Natural Way to Darken Graying Hair in Minutes

 Many of us struggle with one of the most common signs of age - graying hair. We try to disguise, hide and dye it and have to spend money on chemicals and other expensive materials, frequent visits to the hair stylist and more. The following simple and easy idea will allow you to darken graying hair quickly by using something you probably regularly throw out in your kitchen – potatoes peels. Darken your hair at home with a liquid made from potato peels and 10 minutes of simple work, which will have you wondering why you didn’t try this before!

To prepare the liquid: 

1. Fill a cup with potato peels you have left over from cooking or baking.

2. Pour the contents of the cup into a pot, add two cups of water and heat the pot over medium heat to boil.

darkening gray hair with potato peels

3. After boiling, wait about 5 minutes, mix slightly, and remove the pot from heat. Wait a few minutes for the liquid to cool.


4. Strain the contents of the pot using a strainer. The peels themselves can now be thrown into the trash, while the resulting liquid is what you’ll be using on your hair.

darken grey hair with potato peels

How to use the liquid:

1. Wash your hair with shampoo and allow it to air-dry almost completely.

2.  Generously apply the liquid to your hair. You can pour it into an empty spray bottle and spray it on the necessary areas, or you can apply it directly with a silicone brush.

blacken grey hair with potato peels

3. Wipe the excess with a towel and allow your hair to dry naturally without washing it.

darken grey hair with potato peels

4. Do you see the difference? Your hair will look darker after the first rinse!


Press play to watch the full video: 

image source: youtube

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