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Animals Being Real Heroes

 Animals are amazing, and some of them are so close to us that we’re lucky enough to be able to call them our best friends. They become a huge part of our lives and family, and sometimes they might even save us from certain death. Below are 7 stories of animals being real heroes.
1. Kerry the Horse

The bond between people and horses is usually very strong, and it’s a bond that may save your life one day. Fiona Boyd, a farmer from England, thought that her time was up when she was confronted by a raging cow, but Kerry, her horse, galloped to the rescue. Kerry ran towards the cow and kicked it until it moved away. Fiona believes that if it were not for her horse, she would have died that day.

2. Leala the Dog

Leala saved her little owner from drowning in a dam. The Brockbanks were enjoying a picnic when their son David suddenly disappeared. Then they heard Leala barking. At first, they thought she wanted to show them something, but seconds later they found their son floating face down in a dam. David was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where he recovered.

3. Lulu the Pig

Lulu received an award as a hero animal for saving her owner from a heart attack. On August 4, 1998, Jo Ann Altsman was in her trailer alone with her American Eskimo Dog, Bear, and Lulu, a pot-bellied pig.

Jo Ann collapsed and could only manage to throw an alarm clock out the window in order to try and alert someone to her plight. But this did not work. Bear was barking, and Lulu walked to the road, injuring herself in the process. She then lay on the road, pretending to be dead. When the first driver that passed stopped to check on her, she led him back to the trailer.

The driver saw Mrs. Alstman and dialed 911. Lulu was honored with a Tiffany gold hero medal from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

4. Elephant Ning Nong

2004’s devastating tsunami left the world in mourning, and survivors with stories to tell. Amber Owen was just 8 years old and was on holiday in Phuket with her parents. During the vacation, she made friends with a 4-year-old elephant named Ning Nong and was eager to play with her friend on the beach. This is when the tragic events started to unfold. Suddenly the water disappeared – Amber did not know what was happening, but Ning Nong did.

Ning Nong got very distressed and started to move away from the beach. When the first tide hit, the elephant began to run away, carrying amber on its back. When the second wave arrived, Amber was already back safely with her parents. Animals can sense when a natural disaster is about to occur, and humans should pay close attention to them.

5. Jambo the Gorilla

Jambo saved Levon Merritt back in 1986. Levon was on holiday with his family in Jersey. They went to Jersey Zoo, and Levon slipped and fell into the gorilla enclosure. Jambo went over to the young boy and started stroking his back. As the boy lay on the concrete unconscious, Jambo led his pack back into their little house, enabling Levon to be rescued by staff. Jambo was honored by a monument at Jersey Zoo.

6. Winnie the Cat

This feline jumped onto its owner’s bed and meowed continuously until the owner woke up and called 911. If it were not for this brave cat, the Keesling family would have all perished of carbon monoxide poisoning.

7. Rescuer Dolphins

Todd Endris survived a white shark attack in California back in 2007. His rescuers were a group of dolphins that created a protective wall between Todd and the shark. This saved Endris’s life, but he was still left with a big scar on his back. Unfortunately, Endris died in a car crash in 2016.


Source: brightside


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