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30 Reasons to Avoid Africa

 Many people seem to think that traveling to Africa is a smart move. Well, I have to strongly disagree, since there are just so many negative things about Africa. If I decided to list them all, we'd both be here for a very long time, so here are the 30 biggest reasons to never visit Africa:
(In case you didn't realize, we recommend quite the opposite...)
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1. Some people imagine that Africa's a special kind of place.
2. But those people are heavily misinformed.
3. It isn't even remotely beautiful.
4. The sunsets are extremely boring.
5. Nothing ever takes your breath away.
6. The landscapes are barren and unimpressive.
7. And it's full of nasty animals.
8. They're really unfriendly.
9. The birds are really boring, too.
10. The animals are all pretty much the same.
11. The cats are no different from the rest of the world.
12. Their trees are really weird.
13. Nambia is nothing but a sandpit.
14. And Botswana is nothing but water.
15. Just looking at the Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world, makes me dizzy!
16. The snow-covered Kilimanjaro really doesn't fit in with the hot climate.
17. The Serengeti is far too big.
18. Many of the Indian Ocean's islands are just so tiny.
19. But a handful are way too big!
20. There's absolutely no history.
21. Neither are there any cultures to explore.
22. In fact, there's pretty much nothing to do.
23. The beaches are always crowded.
24. There's nowhere good to go for a drink.
25. Stargazing's really boring.
26. The kids are all unfriendly.
27. The cities aren't anything special.
28. Their homes are really dull.
29​. Who would ever get excited about something like this?
30. Seriously, you'd have to be mad to visit Africa!

Just kidding! Did you not see the photos above? If you're thinking about going to Africa, we're totally behind you! Few places in this world are as magical and varied as Africa is, so it's almost impossible to have a bad time.

Source: Rhino Africa Blog

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