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15 Brilliant Magic Tricks and Illusions

 There's no denying that magic tricks are always fun to watch! So, in this post, we bring you 15 of the best magic tricks and illusions featured on Baba-Mail. Get ready to be blown away and don't forget to let us know which trick you enjoyed most. 


While this magician's tricks may initially seem like the worst you've ever seen... just wait till you see what he can do.
Dutch illusionist Hans Klok, runs against time while performing his illusions faster than he has ever done before. 
An exciting and impressive illusion performed by world-renowned magician Dani Lary.
Australian Magician, James Galea, debuts on the Ellen DeGeneres show with an incredible card trick.
See how quickly the performing duo, Elena and Victor go through costume changes.
Jamie Raven will have you wondering how on earth he managed to pull this trick off.
Illusionist Darcy Oake performs his magic tricks using doves, fire and sleight of hand.
Kevin James' tricks are so mind-boggling, you really have to see them to believe!
An incredibly wonderful act filled with magic and creativity.
While this young magician's tricks are minimalistic, he still displays both skill and talent.
This magic show has got it all - acrobatic dance numbers and amazing illusions! Truly fun to watch.
This magical performance is packed with amazing tricks, a lot of style and showmanship.
In this heartwarming clip, Stuart Edge shows his tricks to kids in hospital.
A magic show that is a little unusual from the rest.
It seems like Mary Poppins was not the only one with a magical umbrella. Take a look at what this illusionist can do.
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