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15 Balls of Cuteness

 There are thousands of beautiful animals in the world, but only a few of them can properly be described as cute. Yet, if you take adult beasts out of the equation, the whole situation is reversed. Virtually every baby animal is insanely, cuddle-me-quick gorgeous. For proof, look no further than this super photo collection of 15 sweet, innocent creatures. Can anyone resist this amount of loveliness without cooing like a love-struck schoolgirl?
1. Baby Fennec
Look into my eyes and tell me you're going out today!
2. Baby Giraffe
Could I have 15 more minutes sleep, please?
3. Baby Harp Seal Pup
Let's touch noses!
4. Baby Gorilla
It's great to be young!
5. Little Pygmy Possum
I've got you, babe.
6. Baby Hedgehog
Neh-neh, I'm pricklier than you!
7. Baby Meerkat
Can I come with you?
8. Baby Slow Loris
Here, let's share.
9. Wolf Pup
I'm on a vegetarian diet.
10. Baby Bats
They're adorable!
11. Baby Sloth
I can handle myself, just give me one more beer!
12. Baby Chinchilla
If you don't pet me you're getting the cold shoulder.
13. Baby Owl
Cutie tootie.
14. Baby Racoon
Cuddle time!
15. A Puppy!
Pure love.
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