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Breathtaking Views That'll Make You Dizzy

 The beauty of nature is all around us and sometimes we need to change our perspective a bit to fully appreciate it. Just standing on a vantage point and looking down on one of these amazing places is a truly humbling experience. I wouldn't recommend you visit these 15 places yourself if you have a fear of heights, but that's exactly what photos are for!
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1. Dachstein Stairway - Austria
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
Some of the highest bridges in the world are located in the Dachstein Glacier resort in the Austrian Alps, and the views you can see from them are just stunning. It's as if you're peering down from the top of the world.
2. The Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean - Namibia
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
Some of the biggest and most spectacular sand dunes in the world are found in the Namib desert. If you are brave enough to climb one near the edge of it, you will see a unique and truly bizarre view, where desert meets ocean.
3. Isle of Skye - Scotland 
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
Skye is well-known for its amazing geography and diverse wildlife. Full of picturesque lakes and breathtaking mountains, the area known as the Quiraing Landslide offers the best views of the island.
4. Twelve Apostles Beach - Australia
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
The apostles are massive columns of rock that have survived thousands of years of coastal erosion. They're a very popular tourist attraction and a well known landmark of the Australian coastline.
5. Bagan - Myanmar
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
Bagan is an ancient 13th century city and home to many Buddhist temples and monasteries. At the peak of its activity over 10,000 prayer sites were active. Only 2,200 are found today, but the spirituality and beauty of the area has not diminished.
6. Victoria Peak - Hong Kong
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
Victoria Peak offers one of the most surreal night views of the colorful city, and maybe any other city in the world . At 1,818 feet (550 meters) it's the highest mountain on the island and one of the only places where you can see the city from above.
7. The Moon Bridge in DaHu Park, Taipei
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
Not far from the busy industrial center of Taiwan you'll find this relaxing and beautiful park. The bridge, trees, and buildings were all designed to perfectly reflect in the clear water.
8. White Cliffs of Dover - England
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
The cliffs of Dover are composed of chalk and offer spectacular views of the English coastline. The strong colors and views from this remote location make it a great place to just breathe in the fresh air and relax.
9. Trolltunga (The Troll's Tongue) - Norway
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
If you can do the challenging hike to the Trolltunga you will be greeted by one of Norway's best views. Lake Ringedalsvatnet and the nearly natural platforms are so amazing it's hard to believe they are not the design of some creative madman.
10. Corcovado Mountain - Brazil
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
Many people look up from Rio de Janeiro to the statue of Christ the Redeemer each day, but the best view is from above and not below. The peak of the Corcovado Mountain offers one of the most unique looks at the vibrant city and the busy beaches.
11. Easter Island 
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
Easter Island is a piece of land which is lost in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. The sunset against the backdrop of its famous statues is too beautiful to put into words.
12. Melissani Cave - Greece
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
According to Greek mythology, nymphs once inhabited this breathtaking cave and lured men in with their beauty. Today, it's the beauty of the cave itself that lures many people to visit it each year.
13. Fjallabaksleið, Iceland
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
The North Fjallbak route is a rugged but scenic detour north of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. Accessible by SUV, there's no need to walk in order to see the magical canyons shaped by migrating glaciers.
14. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
40,000 tourists climb this mountain every year, and it's not hard to see why. Even from this distance, this mountain is an incredible sight to behold. 
15. The Cambrian Hotel, Swiss Alps
Breathtaking - Amazing - Views
This hotel is located in the beautiful mountains of the Swiss Alps. This location is the stuff of fairytales.
Source: brightside
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