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26 Glorious Latin-American Locations

Have you ever been to Latin America? If you have, you will enjoy these terrific images that provide photographic proof of the region's marvelous natural beauty. If you haven’t, then take a good look at these pictures to see what you've been missing out on. Here are 26 incredibly spectacular landscapes and locations of Latin America for you to enjoy. 
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1. Cocora Valley, Colombia
Cocora is actually named after a local princess, who's name meant 'star of water.' The wax palms you see in this spectacular landscape are Colombia’s national symbol; and this valley is the perfect place to see and appreciate them
2. Iguazu Falls, between Brazil and Argentina
Iguaza Falls can be visited by helicopter in Brazil or by train in Argentina. Both options offer terrific photo opportunities while you are in either of those great nations.
3. Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia
Latin Americaluiza_st/luiza_st
This is the world’s biggest salt flat. A place where the land meets the sky, to make the most beautiful of deserts. You can also take the most amazing photos here too.
4. Ica Desert, Peru
In this desert there are many oases, providing reason enough to go there and be completely stunned by the scale and wonder of it.
5. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Latin Americamikeblue/mikeblue
Atititlan is a native Nahuatl word which means ‘at the water’, which is exactly where I’d like to be thanks to this photo of the lake (the deepest in Central America) dramatically surrounded by three volcanoes. 
6. Bayahibe, Dominican Republic
Submerged here are three famous shipwrecks, which can be visited by scuba diving. But if you prefer to keep your feet dry there are plenty of gorgeous beaches to enjoy as well.
7. Machu Picchu, Peru
Latin AmericaAichimago/Aichimago
Machu Picchu is a place that we can never tire of seeing, though if you try and hike up the mountains to get to it you certainly will be a little worn out. However, this city, built in 1450 as the Incan capital, is well worth the work.
8. Easter Island, Chile
Latin AmericaChris Schmid/Chris Schmid
Easter Island is renowned for its peculiarly striking statues, 887 of which have been found distributed about the island. It is a place of history and mystery then just leaves people gob-smacked.
9. Island of Capurganá, Colombia
Latin AmericaRafał Cichawa/Rafał Cichawa
Here no cars are allowed in order to help maintain its untouched and unspoiled natural beauty. Capurgana was actually unnoticed until the 1970s, but now the cat is out of the bag. You would do well do see it for yourself.
10. Jericoacoara, Brazil
Latin Americafredcardoso/fredcardoso
This wonderful beach is ringed by extremely large sand dunes, making it seem a true paradise. To arrive here you must jump on a buggy, which will take you two hours. What a buildup that must be!
11. Ushuaia, Argentina
Latin AmericaDmitry_Saparov/Dmitry_Saparov
There is no city more southerly than this here. It’s highest average temperatures occur in January: a paltry 50.5 F. But what a profoundly beautiful location it is!
12. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
This archipelago needs so much upkeep that if you visit you will be charged a few dollars as a preservation fee. So, if you like nature, know that you will actually be doing this gorgeous place a favor when you come.
13. Cartagena, Colombia
When we think of Cartagena we are reminded of Caribbean pirates, attracted in earlier times by the great wealth made at this Second Cartagena, named after the city in Spain (which is itself named after the ancient maritime power of Carthage). This fortified city is old, full of history and culture.
14. Galapagos Island, Ecuador
Charles Darwin didn’t put the Galapagos Islands on the map, but he did make the world realize the incredible variety and beauty of life on earth. Come here to see this in action.
15. Amazon forest, borders Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia
Latin AmericaJaySi/JaySi
What can be said about the Amazon rainforest, a world unto itself? This jungle encompasses 2,700,000 sq miles. It's magnitude is simply astonishing.
16. Atacama Desert, Chile
Latin Americazhuzhu/zhuzhu
This is the world’s driest place. So free of water and life is it that the desert has often been compared to Mars. So, until they invent rockets for us lay people to visit outer space, why not come here?
17. Punta del Este, Uruguay
Punta is thought to be the best choice in the whole of South America if you want to experience Latin America’s beaches, night life, culture and food; and who doesn't want to experience these things?
18. Holbox, Mexico
What a superb island, divided from Mexico itself by a lake teeming with exotic life! Here you will be lucky enough to share your vacations with flamingos, pelicans and even whale sharks. 
19. Tayrona, Colombia
Latin Americajavarman3/javarman3
Here there is a fantastic abundance of species, no doubt in large part due to the soaring heat and humidity. Never mind about the discomfort though, just enjoy those 300 different types of birds.
20. Los Roques, Venezuela
Latin AmericaThomasCampos/ThomasCampos
Beaches don’t come any whiter than they do here at Los Roques, an area that contains 350 islands, clays and islets. It's hard to imagine anywhere better to curl up with a good book.
21. Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica
Latin Americaatosan/atosan
This forest is so teeming with different species of plants, mammals, birds, reptilians, amphibians and insects that it only lacks one thing: you. Make this a place you will visit when you’re next touring Costa Rica.
22. Baños, Ecuador
This place is a natural wonder of hot springs, valleys and mountains that have been adapted into an extreme playground. You can take a swing ride over the deep chasm, or zip along the lines pictured here as you peer down into the water. Do you dare?
23. Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina
Latin Americavan Dupont/Ivan Dupont
This magnificent glacier is actually increasing in mass now, however, you can still witness the astonishing sight of large pieces of ice breaking off in ‘warm’ weather. 
24. Torres del Paine, Chile
Latin AmericaMatthew Fleming/Matthew Fleming
This national park offers terrific once-in-a-lifetime hiking opportunities. However, you aren’t allowed to step off the footpaths, which is so hard to avoid doing when the scenery is this luscious. 
25. Green Lagoon, Bolivia
Winds here disturb sediments in the lake, producing a wide variety of blue hues ranging from turquoise to dark emerald. This means every photo you take will be unique and exquisite.
26. Ouro Preto, Brazil
Latin AmericaRafael Kopko Oliveira/Rafael Kopko Oliveira
The name of the place means ‘black gold’, since it was founded and it flourished as a coal mining town. Here you can witness European style museums, churches and architecture. It just goes to show that Latin America has everything you could wish to see.
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