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Enter the Museum of Natural History!

  The National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C, offers you a rare opportunity to pop in for a visit without ever leaving the house. The museum, educating generations for over a hundred years, has 125 million different items on display, among them: Dinosaur skeletons, fossils, plants, rocks, stuffed animals and tools used by cavemen. And of course, there is the 2nd most viewed item on display (after the Mona Lisa) - the famous 'Le Bijou du Ro' or, hope diamond.

For instructions on how to use the tour window, look below it.
Instructions: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your point of view around the room (alternatively, hold the left mouse button and move your mouse). To move between rooms click on Ground | First | Second buttons located on the top right of your museum window.
Bottom buttons: At the bottom is a series of button drawings. The arrows will change your point of view (like with the keyboard arrow buttons). The plus and minus will allow you to zoom in and out. The house to the right of the minus button will bring you back to the entrance lobby. The button to the immediate right of the house button will open the tour window in full screen mode. 
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