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I've Used these 6 Remedies to Get Youthful Hands

I tend to obsess over lines and wrinkles on my face, but my hands are an area I often overlook. I do occasionally get a manicure, or slather on some cream (when I remember to), but for the most part, I barely give my hands much thought.


My perception of my hands changed a couple of weeks ago. They appeared to be paper-dry, wrinkly, veiny and were splattered with spots (find out how you can lighten age spots with these 19 natural remedies). And while my face may not show my age, my hands clearly give it away. So, I made it a point to give my hands a little TLC. Here's what really works for me:  


Why Do Your Hands Show Their Age?

Sun damage is one of the biggest culprits for aging hands. So, as a rule of thumb, I like to keep the following motto in mind: 'More time in the shade means less skin damage as you age'. I also abide by a new golden rule: 'Treat your hands as you would your face' - moisturizing frequently, using sunscreen and minimizing exposure to the elements to help keep my hands looking young. But, there's more...


1. Give Yourself a Hand Massage


A hand massage isn't just relaxing - it increases blood flow, tightening up sagging skin. Once a week, shake out your hands for one minute, loosening them up, then add three to four drops of olive oil to your left palm. In small circular movements with medium pressure, work your right thumb over your palm, and up and down each finger. Then, turn your hand over and repeat the process, following the same techniques on your right hand. Olive oil will keep your skin hydrated, smooth and supple.


2. Moisturize Daily


For the best results, opt for an anti-aging hand cream with brightening ingredients. Look out for moisturizers with ingredients such as kojic acid, mushroom extract, vitamin C and licorice to help clear any dark spots you may have. A moisturizer should be used twice a day and within two to three months, you'll notice a difference in the way your hands look.


3. Exfoliate


Once a week, exfoliate your hands with a homemade scrub. Preparing it is easy. Just combine equal parts sugar and olive oil and massage it into your hands. When done, wipe the scrub off with a towel, and if your hands feel greasy, wash them.  


4. Protect your Hands


Keep your hands out of the sun by wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. UV rays cause skin-plumping proteins like collagen and elastin to break down quickly. Whenever possible, wear gloves to help protect your hands not only from the sun, but other weather elements too.

5. Cover Up with Makeup


To instantly camouflage fine lines and age spots, add a drop of liquid foundation to a dollop of hand cream, rubbing it all over the top of your hands. This makeup trick will also help to even out your skin tone and smooth the look of wrinkles.


6. Care for Your Nails


For better-looking hands, your nails need some attention too. Start off by applying some cuticle oil every day (even over a manicure) to help maintain stronger nails. Periodically, give your nails a break from polish, giving them at least a few days to recover. To further protect your nails, wear gloves when doing the dishes, as harsh soap and hot water may make them weak.

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