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Puzzle Game: Brainie the Math Game!

Saddle up, because before you is a great brain-freshener we like to call "Brainie". Brainie keeps you focused and sharp as you'll have to make quick additions in your head to add the cubes up and make them disappear before time runs out. You don't need to be a math wiz, but it does take some concentration!

How to play: Simply click on the START button and choose "Classic" as your choice of game (action is the advanced levels). Now your job is to make the numbered boxes disappear by adding them together as fast as you can before the timer runs out.


For example, if the number appearing on top is 5, then you can click on a box with a '2' on it and then on a box of '3' (2+3=5) to make them disappear. Alternatively, you can just click on a single box of '5', but you'll discover the best strategy is to leave those for later. The game gets more interesting with some great twists at the more advanced levels Good luck!

Click here to play in FULL SCREEN

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