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12 Children Who Are Masters of Classical Music!

When it comes to musical genius, it's a well-known fact that it may manifest at a very early age, and indeed Mozart was only a toddler when his musical genius became obvious. Before you are 12 wunderkids that have shown the world they are already a musical force to be reckoned with, even while some of them were no more than 4 or 5 years old! It's a pleasure to watch each of these kids show an incredible gift for sublime classical music. Enjoy this terrific collection of 12 incredible musical children.


Alma Deutscher
Alma Doitcher was born in 2005 to a British mother and an Israeli father. Her name has become known as a wonder kid of classical music. In this video, you'll see her performing Mozart's Piano Concerto number 8.
Isabella Fernandez
From a very young age, Isabella began practicing classical guitar, and with the years, her father taught her complex and special compositions she's been playing and impressing people around the world with. In this video she will be playing the famous creation of Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega  - "Memories of Alhambra" - And she's only 7 years old!
Miyu is only 7, but she has gained immense respect for her violin music. In this video, you'll see her playing the beautiful Adagio in g minor by composer Remo Giazotto.
Lyonya Shilvosky
This kid was only 3 (!) when he got to appear with a full orchestra as a drummer. This video will show you that performance, and the piece he chose to play - Offenbach's Can-Can.
Sora Watanabi
Sora has been playing piano since she was 3 years old, and her dream is to grow up to be a world-famous pianist. In this video, she's playing Bach's Minuet at only 5 years old.
This video will have you meet a string quartet made of 2 cellists and 2 violinists, playing at a young talent show. The four start slowly and quickly get to a song you all know well.
Konstantina Andritsou
Konstantina is an especially gifted child, and when she went on the great stage in Athens she was already well known and admitted. In this video, this amazing 7-year-old played Caparicio Harabe by Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega.
Anna Lee
Anna Lee is a very talented girl, who has been playing violin since she was a toddler. In this video, she plays Paganini's Violin Concerto at 6 years old.
Shuan Hern Lee
Shuan's father began teaching him to play piano at 2 years old, while also learning to play the violin! In this video, 2 years later at 4 years of age, Shuan plays Beethoven's Waltz and gets the whole room up on their feet!
Marcin Patrzalek
Marcin has always loved playing guitar, and today he is already very famous for being an accomplished Polish singer and guitar player. He was only 14 in this video when he played, along with his music class, Caprice No. 24 of the great Italian composer Nicolo Paganini.
Brianna Kahane
Brianna is considered one of the wonder kids of the classical music world. In this video, she is 7, playing, with her violin, one of the oldest melodies in the world - The gypsy melody Czardas, on a 1/4 size violin.
Justin Yu
The cello has been Justin Yu's passion from a very young age, and he practices daily and even plays to his friends. In this video, 12-year-old Justin plays, along with performs the Elgar Cello Concerto, with his musical class known as the 'Joyous String Ensemble'.
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