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5 Ways You Could Be Unwittingly Attracting Wasps

Wasps are helpful insects in many ways - they pollinate plants and kill pest insects - but that doesn’t mean that you want them to build a hive in your home. Unfortunately, wasps are a lot more aggressive than honey bees and other insects, and many people are allergic to their stings. So it’s best to let these insects live somewhere else, preferably away from your property. If you notice more and more wasps congregating in your yard and garden, these 5 things could be to blame.

1. Fruit trees

Things That Attract Wasps apple tree
If wasps started congregating on your property, they probably found a source of food or water. These insects are especially attracted to sweet foods, so fruit trees are a common cause of a wasp problem. If you suspect that this is the case, make sure to pick up any fallen fruit and harvest the fruit as early as you can to cut off the food supply for the insects. While this may not eliminate the wasp problem completely, it will help reduce the number of insects significantly.

2. Eating outdoors

Things That Attract Wasps picnic
Fans of picnics and outdoor barbecue parties are more likely to have a wasp problem than people who mostly eat indoors. Juice, soda, fruits, and even sweet perfume are all likely to attract these insects. Little can be done to prevent them from partaking in your foods, so prevention is key. Make sure to cover any sweet foods with lids or towels, or wrap them in plastic.

3. Unpainted wood

Things That Attract Wasps wooden cottage
We love the look of natural wood, but an unpainted porch, swing, or gazebo may attract pesky wasps. The insects chew on natural wood and use tree pulp as a building material for their hives. Anything made of natural wood can fall victim to wasp attacks. Or worse, you may end up with a wasp nest on your hands. Luckily, the solution to this problem is pretty simple, as staining or painting wood will deter wasps immediately.

4. Open trash cans

Things That Attract Wasps  trash can
Having an open trashcan is never a good idea, as it’s a feast for pests and wild animals of all shapes and sizes. Even if you don’t have to deal with raccoons, rats, or stray animals in your area, an open trash can could be attracting pest insects.
Wasps will follow their prey, be it flies or cockroaches, to your trashcan. And they won't mind partaking in a variety of food scraps in the trash can either. Dairy, sweets, banana peels, and other fruit and vegetable peels are the wasps' favorite. The only way to stop animals from pillaging your trash is to put a heavy lid on it (or even a lock).

5. Bright flowers

Things That Attract Wasps flower
Wasps are naturally attracted to bright flowers. After all, they’re pollinators, and those bright blooms are a literal invitation for them. Note: Wasps are attracted to brightly colored clothing for the same reason. If you have a lot of colorful flowers in the yard and garden, pollinator insects like bees and wasps will eventually show up to feed on their nectar.
For this reason, it’s best to keep those brilliantly colored flowerbeds on the periphery of the garden, far away from the porch and any sitting spots. Otherwise, the buzzing and stinging insects may become a serious annoyance.
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