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15 Ways to Recharge Your Energy Levels!

Do you get that feeling sometimes like you're so tired your head is just going to drop down at any moment? We've all been there, and it's hard to deal with this feeling, especially when doing something important like some work or hanging out with family. That is why we've gathered these 15 ways to energize yourself you can do almost anywhere! We hope this will help charge your battery!

1. Eat a banana
Bananas provide minerals, nutrients and stimulants such as potassium, that provide controlled, slow release energy, which is better than the type of energy obtained all at once from sugary products.
2. Place head between your legs
This trick will get blood flowing to your head. Sit on a chair and put your head between your legs. Send your arms towards the floor and relax your body for 20 seconds. After the time has passed, rise slowly, vertebra by vertebra. You will gain energy as you gradually unfold.
3. Drink Green Tea
Yes we've said it before, but the fact still remains that green tea has an abundance of phytochemicals called tannins. These help to calm the nervous system and thus increase the feeling of well-being, among many other benefits.
4. Pinch your cheeks
Our grandparents probably had a good reason to pinch our cheeks. The action stimulates the blood flow to the face and makes you feel more alert.
5. Drink lots of water
All body systems require a large amount of water to function. In the absence of water in the body, proper functioning slows, blood flow becomes weaker and less oxygen reaches the brain. Drink a glass of water every two hours at least, while the goal is to drink 8-12 glasses of water a day.
6. Get some sun
Small doses of vitamin D can be a great incentive. Take a walk or sit a few minutes in the sun. Fresh air combined with natural light will make you feel more alert.
7. Move the body
Once you feel the fatigue taking over, get up and shake your body. Do some stretching, push-ups, a short trip or just a few jumps instead. Movement stimulates blood flow in the body and releases endorphins that make you feel alert.
8. Laugh out loud
Laughter has been shown to de-stress us but also acts as a natural stimulant. A good belly laugh releases endorphins that neutralize the bad effects of the 'stress' hormone cortisol, increase blood flow and oxygen and give you a sense of well being.
9. Take a deep breath
Take a deep breath and slowly let it out through your nose, and again, fill your abdomen and exhale, emptying all the air from your lungs. Do this three times. Breathing will help your body relax and get rid of toxins, and the oxygen will stimulate you.
10. Put in a house plant
Stuffy offices have limited air movement which can increase fatigue and cause headaches and allergies. Insert house plants that can help filter out harmful chemical compounds and airborne pollutants, as well as stimulate air movement to better help you deal with the standing air, and make you feel less fatigued.
11. Smell a lemon
Certain smells like citrus, ginger and mint can produce a stimulating effect and increase alertness. Light a scented candle or sniff a lemon for stimulating energy and improved mood.
12. Surround yourself in red 
Studies show that the color red is associated with a sense of victory and confidence. Try to surround yourself in shades of red to elevate your mood.
13. Sit upright
it wouldn't hurt to sit up straight in the chair. An upright posture not only helps blood and oxygen to move more freely, but also enhances the sense of security.
14. Wake up the brain 
When the brain feels drowsy, try to wake it up by solving a crossword puzzle, reading aloud, talking to a friend, a quick recitation, or singing. 
15. Play with a pet
Spend time with your furry friend. It will make you feel happier and more energetic!

Image courtesy of:  FreeDigitalPhotos.net / digitalart

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