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12 Highly Popular YouTubers Over the Age of 50

YouTube is ubiquitous on the internet these days, and its growth has given rise to a whole new phenomenon – highly popular YouTube channel creators that are aged 50 or over. It’s perhaps no surprise considering that statistically, 83% of internet users in the 50-64 age range are watching YouTube regularly. Here are 12 highly popular YouTubers over the age of 50: 

1. Emily Kim 

The Channel: Maangchi

Subscribers: 6.15 million

Emily Kim, aged 66, is dubbed the “Julia Child of Korean cuisine,” and that’s thanks to her ability to make Korean cuisine easy and approachable through her YouTube videos. She describes herself as a typical Korean housewife who likes to cook delicious food, and began her YouTube channel at the suggestion of her son. She has also written a bestselling cookbook since she started YouTubing. Visit her channel if you want to learn how to cook kimchi, bibimbap, or even a Korean take on the classic American hamburger.

2. Heather Hyde 

The Channel: Awesome over 50

Subscribers: 109 thousand

Heather Hyde started posting on YouTube in 2016. In a short time, she created a community of over a hundred thousand subscribers. A former fashion model, Heather now shares all her knowledge of fashion and clothing, lifestyle, and home tips with her audience. "I truly believe that aging is just making us all a fine vintage," Hyde writes on her website. Be sure to check out her YouTube channel if you fancy all things fashion and style.

3. Tim Rowett 

The Channel: Grand-Illusions

Subscribers: 2.05 million

80-year-old Tim Rowett spent no less than 35 years as a children’s party entertainer prior to retiring in 2007. He amassed a collection of some 25,000 toys during that time, and most of them are no longer available for sale. His YouTube channel gives him a platform to share them with the world, rather than leaving them in storage and gathering dust. He describes the toys in a straightforward, show-and-tell style, and also goes into some of the science behind their respective mechanics.

4. Maarten Heilbron

The Channel: Maarten Heilbron

Subscribers: 132 thousand

Born in the Netherlands but raised in Canada, 72-year-old Maarten Heilbron made a name for himself as a technology and travel writer for various Canadian publications. He then learned how to produce videos, and now uploads several to his channel each week. They consist of straight-up camera reviews, photography pointers, and tutorials. You should definitely take a look at this channel if you want in-depth photography demonstrations and strategies.

5. Wendy Ida

The Channel: Wendy Ida

Subscribers: 79.700

In addition to holding two Guinness World Records for fitness, namely the oldest active instructor in multiple disciplines and the woman who’s done the most burpees in one minute, 71-year-old Wendy Ida’s channel covers everything from meditation tips to skin care advice to dance-workout sessions. Go to her channel if you want motivation to get back in shape. Ida has a knack for making seemingly insurmountable challenges into easy and fun endeavors.

6. Pasta Grannies

The Channel: Pasta Grannies

Subscribers: 904 thousand

Pasta Grannies is not your typical YouTube cooking show, as it focuses on one specific type of dish. As you've already guessed, that dish is pasta. And the channel takes you straight to the ultimate source of pasta-making wisdom - the Italian women who have been preparing it from scratch and by hand for decades. Visit the homes of these real-life Italian grandmothers and skilled home cooks. This channel is worth a watch, even if only for the positivity of these amazing Italian women.

7. Shirley Curry

The Channel: Shirley Curry

Subscribers: 1.12 million

Most grandmas spend their days enjoying their favorite TV shows, or, perhaps, knitting a sweater, but that definitely doesn’t apply to 87-year-old Shirley Curry. She is an online gamer, and she records and uploads her gaming sessions to YouTube for her subscribers’ enjoyment. Her much younger peers seem to love what she does, and this is reflected in the largely positive comments that can be found on her videos. Take a look at her channel if you fancy video game walkthroughs with a difference, or if you’re looking to get into online gaming.

8. Laura Coia

The Channel: SewVeryEasy

Subscribers: 438 thousand

This next channel recommendation is for all our crafty readers who love working with fabric, as well as those who want to learn quilting, tailoring, and garment repairs. Laura Coia has over 45 years of experience in garment construction, tailoring, and garment repairs, and her instructional videos have taught thousands of viewers to begin sewing. With her educational videos, sewing is truly made easy!

9. Steve Kaufmann

The Channel: Steve Kaufmann - lingosteve

Subscribers: 663 thousand

The benefits of language learning are manifold, especially for seniors, and the internet has made learning a new language as easy as ever. But don't take our word for it. Listen to a professional. Steve Kaufmann, 77, is a polyglot who taught himself to speak 20 languages. In his YouTube videos, Steve speaks of his experience of language learning and shares many techniques to help like-minded people learn new languages too.

10. Margaret Martin

The Channel: Margaret Martin, Physical Therapist

Subscribers: 127 thousand

For those of you looking for a fitness professional on YouTube who is well-versed in senior health issues like arthritis, muscle loss, and osteoporosis, Margaret Martin is your best bet. In Margaret's YouTube channel bio, the physical therapist points out that she "trained over 12,000 health professionals how to treat people with osteoporosis." Her exercise tutorials are incredibly useful and well-explained, and you can be sure that Martin has your health and safety in mind at all times.

11. Amanda Switzer

The Channel: Planterina

Subscribers: 962 thousand

With nearly a million subscribers, Amanda from Planterina is easily one of the biggest plant YouTubers on the platform. Switzer, 53, is a landscape designer with over twenty years of experience in the field and an unstoppable passion for indoor plants. On her channel, Amanda teaches her viewers how to care for and display indoor plants of all kinds. Don't miss her channel if you have at least one houseplant in your home!

12. Nikki Boyd

The Channel: AtHomeWithNikki

Subscribers: 547 thousand

At 51 years old, Nikki Boyd is the youngest YouTuber on this list. However, the wealth of tips and information you'll be able to find on her channel meant that we simply couldn't skip it. Everyone who wants their home to be more organized and aesthetic should take a look at Nikki's wonderful educational content. There are hundreds of videos to choose for you to choose from, too, as Nikki has been uploading regularly for over a decade.

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