Which Fairy Tale Character Are You?

 Fairy tales hold many morals, advice, and lessons within them, and we know the characters so well. But which of them are YOU most like? Take our personality test and find out...
Which of these is the most important to you?
Life Experience
The freedom to do what I want when I want
Being Glorious
Choose a color that speaks to you.
Choose a food.
Complete the sentence: My friends may describe me as...
Say you were going on an adventure. What kind of companion would you like to have?
Someone loyal and hard working
Someone strong who can protect me
Someone who provides me with resources
Someone who reminds me of my morals
Someone who does what I tell them
Someone who will chronicle our glorious exploits
If you decided to go on said adventure, where should it take you?
I don't care, as long as I get there a better person
Towards my true love
Towards riches and more adventure
Back home, safe and sound
To a place of power and fame
It doesn't matter, as long as I do incredible things on the way
Pick an activity you may enjoy.
Picking flowers
Shopping for clothes
Do some work around the house
What would you say is your biggest weakness?
Terrible with money
Too trusting
Can be dishonest
Too ambitious
Too timid
I can be a little self-centered
Choose a a place to live.
Which of these are (or were) you closest to?
My mother
My significant other
The people I manage / work with
My father
A grandparent
My best friend
What kind of person do you dislike the most?
The brutish, aggressive type
The manipulative type
The lying type
The phony type
The righteous type
The type that has no lust for life
Snow White
You are Snow White! Like Snow White, you are a very moral person. You believe in non-violence, helping others and befriending whomever you can. You very rarely judge others, and you're willing to make friends with people who are very different from you. You may have had a bit of a sheltered childhood, and perhaps it made you a bit timid and shy. You have a gentle spirit, and you value beauty and love above all else. Your love is the greatest thing about your life. You love art, and have a great sense for beauty and style. These are the things most worthy striving for in your opinion.
Little Red Riding Hood
You are Little Red Riding Hood! No, we're not calling you a little girl. Like Little Red, you are a person who puts great stock in family and family values. Your family is the most important thing to you and you will risk your life, or even give it away, to see them safe and sound. You are most likely the giver in your family and/or group of close friends. You are the one who always makes sure everyone is comfortable, fed, safe and happy. It's really important to you that others feel good. Your friends may describe you as having a great big heart, being brave when it counts and always there for them.
Jack and the Bean Stalk
You are Jack from 'Jack and the Bean Stalk'! Like Jack, you are outgoing, friendly, prone to adventure and thrills. At times, you may be a bit too social for your own good, letting it lead you astray by the wrong people, but your good heart usually asserts itself, and you find your way back, always landing on your feet. People see you as brave, a bit rash, a great friend and one of the best people to go on a trip with, always enthused to discover new things. Your rashness and your savings account don't always see eye to eye, though, and there's a good chance you spend beyond your means. However, you are also ambitious and in search of money and you may find some great success economically IF you don't get sidetracked...
You are Pinocchio! No, you're not a wooden doll. Quite the contrary, you are a being FULL of life. You are curious, fun-loving and adventerous. To you, life is a never-ending banquet of rich experiences, good and bad. You are on a constant journey of self-improvement, always learning more, improving yourself, finding new ways to exist with yourself and change along the way. You have become much more wise due to these experiences, a more complete person. You love to travel, seeing new places you've never seen before, standing where you've never stood before. You love nature and have a deep connection to it, and can be lost in it for hours if not days. You may also be a dreamer, someone who has great fantasies, and you need your friends to pull you back down to earth every once in s while.
Evil Queen
Oh no, you're the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! How could this be? We didn't even create this result! Yet, somehow your answers have lead you to the dark side of fairy tales. You may be an angry person, or perhaps you are simply a person of great power who has become used to it. Either way, there is always time to change your ways. The evil queen is not an easy person to be, since power and anger are a bad combination, and they often lead to self-destruction. You are probably quite intelligent, stylish, cunning and brave. You fear very little in this world except direct competition in fields you feel are yours to master. You care most about your own agenda and you will let very little stop your ambitions. In short - you're a scary person!
Puss in Boots
You are Puss in Boots! Like Puss, you are a sharp one, both in claw (fighting spirit) an in mind. You are very brave, and you have a keen sense of danger. You are first to alert others to potential risks, and while you aren't afraid, you know how to take caution to avoid certain pitfalls. You are also crazy... like a fox! You are cunning and deft in your planning, and while some may not see the deeper moves, you know what you're doing... most of the time. There is always the risk that something will go wrong and surprise you. But you always land on your feet in the long run, you know how to react to situations, because a part of you, deep inside, is ALWAYS prepared for things to take a tumble. You live for life experience, defending those you love dearly, and if you can find some glory along the way, you won't mind that one bit either, though the need may decline with time.
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