How Similar Are You to Your Parent?

In this test, we'd like to help you define your level of similarity to one of your parents. The quiz may also examine your closeness. Since each parent is different, this personality test can be taken TWICE, once for each parent you wish to examine your similarity to.
When did you and your parent get along the most?
When I was a little child
During my teen years
As a young adult
Later in life
Did (or do) you enjoy spending time with your parent?
Yes, as long as it was only for a few hours
Yes, immensly
Not really, we didn't get along
We did, as long as I pretended to be someone I'm not
How much did (or does) your parent know the real you?
I told them everything about me
They knew only the person I've shown them
They knew me pretty well, not as well as some
They knew me when I was young, but didn't know me very well afterwards
Do you work in a field related to your parent's?
I continued their work/business
Not the same job, but similar field
No, they're very different fields
No, and it wasn't something they approved of either
Did (or do) you and your parent see eye-to-eye politically?
Yes, we agreed completely
We were on the same side, but one of us was more extreme than the other
No, we were on opposite sides, but it didn't come up much
Not at all, and it was a source of tension between us
When you and your parent spent time together, what did you mostly do?
Just sit and talk or eat together mostly
We had some hobbies we shared and we did those
We helped each other out a lot with tasks
We took family trips together and we talked on the phone a lot
As an adult, do you approve of the way your parent raised you?
I think they did good for their time
Not really, I learned mostly what not to do
Yes, they are my role model
I wouldn't call what they did 'raising'
Do people ever say you and your parent are similar? What is your reaction?
They don't
They do sometimes, and I think they don't know us very well
They do all the time, and I'm glad they do
They rarely do, but it's nice to hear
Do you and your parent usually like the same people?
Yes, they think the same as I do about them
Most of the time
There are some types of people we really disagree about
Most of the time, until it comes to my romantic choices...
Are you physically similar to your parent?
Yes, we have a very similar face and physique
Not at all, quite the opposite
They looked exactly like me they were my age
Only a little bit
Have you and your parent ever had a huge fight that caused you not to speak to each other for a long period of time?
Yes, multiple times
No, we get along too well for that
No, we have small fights but never that big a fight
Yes but only once when I was younger
Are you more similar to THIS parent or your other parent?
Far more to this parent (without relation to gender) in personality and physique
More to this parent, but mostly because we're the same gender
More to the other parent, but mostly because we're the same gender
A lot more to the other parent in personality and physique
The Apple Fell Right Under the Tree
Well it seems the apple didn't only land close to the tree, it plumped right down! You and your parent are extremely similar, proof of both genetics and raising in action. You enjoy each other's company, you get along, and when you fight - you fight big because your bond is intimate and you know each other very well. How lucky you are to have (or have had) such a great relationship and similarity to your parent, so you are friends and understand each other fully. It's a gift not everyone has had the luck to experience.
The Apple Didn't Fall Far...
It seems you and your parent are quite similar. You aren't exactly carbon copies of each other, but you have heaps of things in common, you enjoy each other's company most of the time, and your fights are usually small or rare. There is a level to you that your parent may not know or be aware of. They may think they know you completely, but you know better. There's nothing wrong with that, most parents don't know everything about their offspring, and that's an individual choice. People probably comment on how similar you are to your parent, and with time, you are agreeing with them a little more than you used to.
The Apple Rolled a Bit...
While there are some things that you and your parent share, you've never been very similar to each other. In fact, most people wouldn't know you as parent and offspring unless you told them, or only because of some physical resemblance, but not personality. <br><br>You disagree on many things in life, but you've managed to keep it from interfering too much with your relationship. There are things you just have to agree to disagree on, no matter how much you'd like for them to see things your way. You never felt like they really knew you well, at least not after childhood, it was just too hard for them to really understand you.
No Tree in Sight
There is little to zero similarity between the two of you. People who meet you may remark how they would have never guessed you were related. You rarely agree on important things, and your ideals are quite different as well. You spend some time together but it's never too long, because it's just not that much fun for you, especially over time.<br><br> You've either had many big fights in your life where you didn't talk to each other, or you've had almost no fights because you were just never close enough to emotionally invest in one. Of course, while most people get along better when they are similar, it could be you too have had a wonderful relationship, but part of this quiz also examines closeness, and so you may not be as close as you'd like.
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