3 Sure-Fire Ways Of Ensuring the Best Gallbladder Health

The gallbladder is a small organ that stores and concentrates bile before releasing it into the small intestine to aid digestive function. To maintain its good health, we must consume and process fats properly to provide a basis for excellent overall health. Here are three smart tips to help keep your gallbladder in the best shape possible:

1. The Importance of Efficient Fat Digestion

It’s essential for your body to absorb healthy fats. This is because they’re vital for skin, hair, fingernail, joint, brain and central nervous system health. We absorb healthy fats by consuming healthy oils. It’s worth noting that some of the most important vitamins for the human body, namely A, E, D and K, are found in these oils.

The key for the body to get the healthy fats and vitamins it needs is how it processes them. If your body doesn’t process healthy fats properly, then it won’t absorb the vitamins it needs properly either.

You can start to ensure better absorption by cutting out the unhealthy oils from your diet. These include any oils that are genetically modified, such as soybean oil, canola oil and corn oil.


If you’re committed to cutting these oils out, you need to be extremely vigilant, because they are present in many processed foods and can easily be used unwittingly in everyday cooking.

What you can do is use peanut oil for high-heat cooking, extra-virgin olive oil for cold dishes, and coconut oil for both high and low-heat cooking. These three oils can be used for pretty much any kind of cooking or food preparation you need to do.

Of the three aforementioned oils, coconut oil is undoubtedly the healthiest. It is the most digestible and nutritious oil, and this is because it’s rich in medium-chain fatty acids.

2. Proper Supplementation

If you have had your gallbladder removed in an operation, or have experienced health problems with it, you might want to look into proper supplementation.

Lypo Gold, for instance, is one of the best supplements to support gallbladder function. It’s rich in lipase, an enzyme that is great at facilitating fat digestion.


Take a couple of capsules of this supplement whenever you eat a meal that contains fat. It isn’t necessary to take this supplement if you’re eating a meal that consists exclusively of vegetables.


Another valuable supplement you can take is ox bile, which is literally bile that is gathered from oxen. As gross as it may sound, this supplement is excellent for assisting your body with breaking down fats. It also supports growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines and gut. Take one or two capsules of this supplement when you eat a meal that contains fat.

Also consider probiotics. Search for a formula that contains at least 10 different species of friendly bacteria, and attempt to consume some 10 million units of probiotics with each meal. While this may seem excessive, probiotics are essential for good digestive health, and most people simply do not get enough.

Last but not least, you should make sure that you’re taking enough herbal supplements. One of the best for the gallbladder is milk thistle, which is excellent for detoxification. It can be taken as a supplement or drunk in an herbal tea.

3. Easy, Natural Support

Even if you don’t have any particular problems with your gallbladder, that doesn’t mean you don‘t have reason to do what you can to support its function. You can do so by eating a balanced, whole foods diet.

Be sure that your diet consists mainly of fruit and vegetables. Aim to ensure that half of all the food you eat is fresh produce. The other half should be divided equally between high-quality, natural protein sources, such as grass-fed meets, sprouted seeds or nuts, and whole grains.


If you want to include dairy products in your diet, go for fermented products such as fermented sheep or goat’s milk, kefir or yogurt, and raw cheese.

Adhere to these smart dietary choices to support your gallbladder and liver function, and you’ll be well on your way to attaining glowing good health.


As you can see from the three points listed above, supporting good digestion and gallbladder function is simple. All you need to do is eliminate hydrogenated oils from your diet, replace them with healthy oils instead, take the correct supplements and eat a balanced, natural and whole food diet.

Following these tips consistently will ensure that you’ll have the best possible digestion processes even if your gallbladder has been removed entirely.


Content and Cover Image Source: Natural Solution Today 

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