Suffer From Digestive Issues? Try Natural Colon Cleansing

When many people hear the term 'colonic cleansing,' they instantly think of colon hydrotherapy, which is a kind of colon cleanse that uses tubes to irrigate the colon to flush out all traces of fecal matter. However, there are many other forms of colonic cleansing which can be performed from the comfort of your own home, so keep reading to find out all about them!


Cleansing With Smoothies and Juiceshealthy food

An effective way to improve your intestinal health and to flush toxins out from your colon is by adding natural juices and smoothies to your diet. Here are the ideal ingredients for making cleansing juices or smoothies:

1. Cranberry juice for your colon health

Studies have shown that cranberries contain anti-inflammatory compounds, and are also effective at improving stomach microbiota. They may even increase levels of good bacteria within the colon.

2. Apples to help remove toxins

Research has proved that apple juice contains chemo-preventative properties which help to improve colonic microflora. Scientists have also noted that eating one or two apples a day can reduce your risk of getting colorectal cancer, particularly if you eat the peel, which contains more antioxidants than the apple flesh itself.

3. Cruciferous vegetables for colon cleansing

The Journal of Nutrition claims that cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli, and cabbage contain natural ingredients which strengthen stomach bacteria, so adding green leafy vegetables to your blender or juicer is a highly effective way to cleanse your colon.

4. Kefir for colon cleansing

Various research papers have proven that kefir is brilliant for your digestive health. For starters, kefir helps to get rid of toxins and harmful germs in your large intestine. What's more, kefir is lactose-free and allows food to pass through your digestive tract in a much shorter span of time.

Cleansing Using High-Fiber Foods
healthy food

Foods that are high in fiber help get rid of body waste and stool quicker, which will help cleanse your colon in the most effective way possible. Here are some of the most powerful high-fiber foods that are ideal for colonic cleansing:

1. Colon cleansing with pumpkin seeds

Adding pumpkin seeds to your salads, snacking on them, or even adding them to smoothies will make sure that your intestines remain healthy. A 1-oz. serving (28 g) of pumpkin seeds will provide you with 5 grams of fiber, apart from also being a massive source of omega-3. Consuming a daily serving of pumpkin seeds can also help to kill off any intestinal parasites which you may have in your digestive tract.

2. Add chia seeds to cleanse the colon

A single tablespoon of chia seeds is enough to add 5 grams of fiber to your diet, which roughly amounts to around 20% of your daily fiber requirement. Chia seeds are also very rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are also very important when it comes to intestinal cleansing.

3. Broccoli to detoxify the intestines

A great way to prevent a buildup of fecal matter and to remove toxins from your colon is to regularly eat broccoli. In fact, a single one-cup portion of broccoli (90 g) will give you about 2.5 grams of fiber, which makes up around 10% of your daily fiber requirement. Broccoli also boosts your intestinal health by maintaining the microflora balance in your colon.

4. Kale to improve digestive health

Kale is a cruciferous vegetable and one of the superfoods that is best-suited to deal with colon health. Apart from being highly rich in fiber, kale contains plenty of prebiotics which help to increase healthy gut bacteria levels. This will help to prevent a buildup of nasty toxins in your colon, and will also allow you to pass stool easier.

Cleansing With Probioticshealthy food

Eating foods that contain probiotics is a great way to cleanse your bowels and maintain your digestive health. Here's what you should start reaching for:

1. Probiotic yogurt for colon cleansing

Yogurt is one of the best foods for the maintenance of optimum colon health since it's a wonderful source of healthy bacteria and probiotics. Recent research shows that eating yogurt along with fruit can nourish your colon with prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, and plenty of minerals.

2. Sauerkraut for a natural cleanse

Sauerkraut is also full of probiotics, which is what makes it so effective at flushing toxins through your colon quicker. A recent study discovered that people who consume 10 g of sauerkraut a day report better gastrointestinal health. In fact, they found that regular consumption of sauerkraut can help to prevent constipation and improve digestion.

Cleansing With Herbal Teashealthy food

To help flush your colon from toxins and improve your digestion, you will need to consume certain teas on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at some colon cleansing herbal teas which work the best:

1. Green tea for a healthy colon

Green tea can naturally cleanse your colon thanks to the high levels of antioxidants that it contains. Research has found that green tea aids in the protection of the gastrointestinal tract, and that the antioxidants found in green tea, known as catechins, possess an anti-inflammatory and anticancer effect. In fact, drinking green tea has been connected to the prevention of colon cancer.

2. Ginger as a colon flush

Experts claim that ginger contains antimicrobial compounds which have been found to help reduce inflammation. The most powerful compound of all, called 6-gingerol, has been found to accumulate in the GI tract, where it helps to improve colonic health. What's more, ginger has also been found to lower your chances of getting colorectal cancer.

3. Turmeric for colon cleansing

Turmeric is a root that's related to ginger and is another food that is perfect for the maintenance of a healthy colon. A recent study found that turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties actually help to lower gastrointestinal inflammation. Additionally, turmeric contains potent antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds which can kill off toxins. It has also been found to help prevent colon cancer.


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