These 8 Pressure Points Can Help Your Health Issues

Kidneys are thought to be the most active organ in the urinary system, and every day they filter out about 180 liters of blood to remove infections and toxins that are present in our bodies. However, this isn’t their only function, because they also secrete different hormones. Therefore, when there is a problem with the kidneys, it isn’t only expressed in the urine but in a variety of other ways depending on the problem, and although we have two of them - both are very important and should be checked by a doctor if you ever suspect a problem related to them.

Until you receive the correct treatment, a kidney problem can be very uncomfortable for those who suffer from it, but common kidney and urinary problems can be alleviated by applying pressure to various points throughout the body. Here are 8 points, two for each common problem, and if you suffer from one of the following problems, you should massage the two points that are related to it every day in order to alleviate the problem till you can see a doctor.

Please Note: Massaging these pressure points isn’t recommended for pregnant women. Furthermore, we want to emphasize that massaging these points will not solve or cure the problem, rather they only serve to alleviate its symptoms.

pressure points - putting pressure on a foot on a pressure point

Pressure points for urinary retention

Urinary retention can be caused by a variety of factors, including neural disturbance, the use of certain medications, and benign enlargement of the prostate. In any situation where you feel difficulty urinating, you should contact your doctor immediately, but in order to alleviate the problem until you receive the appropriate medical treatment, you can massage the following 2 pressure points.

1. LV8

pressure points LV8  vertebrae
It also helps reduce pain in the lower abdomen, sweating, insomnia, and depression, prevent skin diseases such as psoriasis and even improve sexual function and fertility.

2. UB39

pressure points UB39 vertebrae
This point is also found in the knee, on the inner fold. Massaging this point helps not only in urinary retention, but also reduces the feeling of stiffness in the lower back and the frequency of contractions in the muscles of the legs and feet.

Pressure points for the treatment of frequent urination

If you visit the toilet 4-10 times a day to urinate, this is normal, but if you find yourself frequenting the bathroom more than this, you should seek medical advice, as you may have urinary tract infection, kidney stones or ovarian cysts, and it could very well be that the medications you’re taking are the cause. Until you receive the appropriate treatment, try massaging the following 2 pressure points to ease the problem.

3. CV4

pressure points CV4 vertebrae
This point is in the center of the pelvis, about 7 cm below the navel, and massaging it allows you to reduce the frequency in which your body feels the need to urinate, and also to treat irregular menstruation and diarrhea.

4. K3

pressure points k3 vertebrae
You’ll find this point in the depression above your ankle. If you massage it, you can regulate your body's need to urinate and also treat balance problems, diminish toothaches and asthma attacks, prevent vomiting and even the possibility of cold sores.

Pressure points to treat a kidney infection

This type of infection is called pyelonephritis and is caused by a bacteria that causes inflammation in the kidney. The problem has symptoms such as high fever, rash, and high resting heart rate, and if you suffer from all of them it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor. To help ease the symptoms until you are properly treated, massage the following 2 points.

5. LU7

pressure points - LU7
This point is a thumb distance below the wrist, on the inside of the forearm. Massaging it you can alleviate symptoms of a kidney infection and also treat headaches that result from migraines, sore throat and pain or weakness in the wrist.

6. SP10

pressure points SP10To find this point, bend your knees, place your palm on the inside of the knee and feel its bulge - the point will be at a distance of 3 fingers from the end of the bulge, towards the hip. Massaging it helps not only relieve kidney infection but also reduce menstrual cramps, the appearance of acne, and it can even prevent thyroid problems.

Pressure points to treat kidney failure

In a state of renal failure, the kidneys can’t properly filter the blood that passes through them. The problem is often accompanied by symptoms such as exhaustion (physical or mental), lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, frequent urination, and high blood pressure. All of these may not appear immediately, but as soon as you notice them it is very important to see your doctor. Until you take care of the problem you can ease the burden on your kidneys and body by massage the following 2 points.

7. SP9

pressure points SP9This point is on the inside of the leg, just below the hamstring - bend your knee to find it, but massage it with your leg straight. When you massage the spot, you’ll help the kidneys filter toxins more easily and also reduce body fluid retention. In addition to this, massaging the point helps improve libido.

8. LV5

pressure points LV5You’ll find the point 7 inches above your ankle. When massaging it, not only will your kidneys filter blood better, but you’ll also help reduce chronic fatigue and strengthen your immune system, and in patients with cancer it helps to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.

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