10 Tried and Tested Home Remedies You'll Love Knowing!

Certain illnesses and health problems could easily be cured with home remedies, using spices or superfoods alongside readily available items. Generally speaking, home remedies are also cost effective and easy to make, without the kind of side effects that often arise as a result of taking medication. Certainly, using common household ingredients can make our lives better, but are you aware of these 10 strange home remedies (that actually work)?
1. Drinking water upside down to cure hiccups
home remedies that work
Hiccups occur when a nerve in your body, called the vagus nerve, which runs from your brain down to your stomach, suffers irritation, causing hiccups. A quick and effective remedy to take your mind off hiccups is to drink water upside-down.

Here's How: 
1. Fill a glass with cold water.
2. Bend from the waist so that you are perpendicular to the floor and put your head down.
3. Drink the water from the opposite side of the glass (the side you wouldn't normally drink from).
4. Repeat again if required. 
2. Use vodka for smelly feet
home remedies that work
If you have smelly feet, a quick and effective remedy you can try is vodka. Alcohol works as both an antiseptic and as a drying agent, which will banish the odor-producing bacteria as well as remove the moisture that allows such organisms to thrive. 

Here's How: 
1. Dab a generous amount of vodka on a washcloth.
2. Wipe your feet with the vodka-soaked cloth.
3. The foot stench should dissipate in no time. 
3. Use Listerine for toenail fungus and Athlete’s Foot pain
home remedies that work
Prior to commencing treatment for the aforementioned conditions, speak to your doctor, while trying this home remedy for added relief. If you do have athlete's foot, your feet are likely to sting, burn and itch excessively. A bottle of Listerine ought to do the trick.

Here's How:
For toenail fungus: Dab some Listerine mouthwash on a cotton ball or pad and apply to the affected toenail. 
For athlete's foot: Put your feet in a tub and cover them with Listerine. Leave to soak for 1 to 2 hours before washing it off.  Repeat 2 to 3 times per week. 
4. Lemon balm for cold sores
home remedies that work
Cold sores can severely irritate the mouth - this can induce a stinging, painful sensation, which can prevent you from speaking, eating and drinking properly. If you develop a cold sore and want to treat it naturally, an effective homemade recipe is a lemon balm tea. Lemon balm contains antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties. 

Here's How:
1. Brew 2 to 4 teaspoons of lemon balm herb in a mug of hot water. 
2. Allow it to steep and cool for 15 minutes.
3. Once the tea has cooled, dab a cotton ball into the brew and apply to the cold sore.
4. Repeat several times every day and treat your cold sore effectively, easily and naturally. 
5. Licorice sticks for calluses and corns
home remedies that work
Calluses or corns can both be incredibly painful and irritating. They tend to develop due to poorly-fitting shoes, shoes with an uncomfortable texture, or shoes worn without socks. Licorice can help lessen the pain as it's an antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent. Licorice root has long been used to treat skin conditions. 

Here's How:
1. Grind 4 to 5 licorice sticks in a mixer or a grinder until you have created a paste.
2. Empty into a bowl and add 1/2 tsp. of petroleum jelly.
3. Combine the ingredients well and apply to the affected areas. 
4. Apply the mixture 2 to 3 times a day. 
6. Use toothpaste for minor burns
home remedies that work
While major burns should be treated with care and seen to by a doctor, minor burns (such as the kind you may get if you touch a hot pan) could easily be treated with some toothpaste. 

Here's How:
1. Put your hand under cold, running water.
2. Remove your hand and allow it to dry.
3. Apply some toothpaste to that affected area.
4. The pain should subside within a couple of minutes. You can wash the toothpaste off when you feel the pain has lessened. 
5. Toothpaste may also be used to treat mosquito bites. 
7. Use baby powder for greasy hairhome remedies that work
This strange yet effective remedy will de-grease your hair.

Here's how:
1. Put one tablespoon of baby powder in your palms.
2. Sprinkle the powder over your head. 
3. Spread the powder through your hair, particularly over the crown area, which tends to become more greasy. 
4. Brush your hair to remove excess powder. 
5. Talcum powder can be used as an alternative to baby powder. 
8. Use instant oatmeal for eczema
home remedies that work
Dry skin can at times be incredibly painful and irritating, particularly when you suffer from eczema. Oatmeal is a great remedy to treat this condition, which boasts incredible anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and moisturizing properties. Oatmeal also contains amino acids that help soothe eczema.

Here's How:
1. Pour 2 cups of instant oatmeal and 1 cup of milk in a bowl.
2. Place it in the microwave and heat for 30 to 60 seconds.
3. Once cooled apply the oatmeal to the affected area.
4. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it off. 
9. Use ginger for motion sickness
home remedies that work
Ginger has been found to be a tried-and-tested method to ease motion sickness.

Here's How:
1. Slice a piece of fresh ginger root and store in a container, taking the container with you when your travel.
2. As soon as you start to feel queasy or sick, suck on a piece of ginger.
3. Doing so will help calm the stomach and reduce nausea. 
10. Use coconut oil as a deodorant
home remedies that work
Perspiration can be a problem for most people, and no amount of deodorant or perfume is effective enough to curb the stench of sweaty underarms. Did you know that coconut can help out here?

Here's How:
1. Dab some extra-virgin coconut oil onto your underarm area, gently rubbing it into the skin until it has absorbed completely. 
2. The lauric acid in coconut oil helps kill the odor-causing bacteria, preventing body odor. It also helps moisturize the skin. 
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