Learn About Rhodiola Extracts and Their 8 Amazing Benefits

Depression is not as rare a phenomenon, as many people think, and many times, ordinary people take antidepressants such as Lexapro or Prozac, which can often be addictive and have harmful side effects. The good news is that in some cases depression can be cured naturally; Research shows that Rhodiola extracts have been found to be effective in treating mental states such as depression, chronic fatigue, and anxiety.


Rhodiola root is well known in Russia and Slovakia, where it has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for these mental states. Today, Rhodiola extracts can be found in health and nature stores, in liquid form or capsules, and no dangerous side effects are known, although you should always consult your family physician before starting to consume them regularly. In addition to the benefits of the plant as a medicine for the soul, Rhodiola extracts contribute to improving endurance, help prevent cancer, reduce the risk of heart disease and may also contribute to the treatment of diabetes.

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1. Help to deal with stress

In the modern world, a person is often required to deal with stress at work or school regularly, and this situation may harm them physically and mentally; the consequences may include symptoms such as anxiety, asthma, headaches, nervous breakdowns and even heart problems. In order to prevent such situations, it is recommended to deal with the stress using Rhodiola plant extracts, which is known to science as Adaptogen, which helps to strengthen the body and improve function during stress. The results of a 2012 study showed that there was an improvement in coping with work stress among study participants who took 200 milligrams of Rhodiola extracts for a month, while the control group taking a placebo felt no change.

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2. Help fight chronic fatigue

Fatigue is not always related to lack of sleep, and sometimes the real cause of the phenomenon is a virus, immune system weakness or other problem, so in the case of unexplained exhaustion, you should contact your doctor. If doctors can’t identify the cause of fatigue, it is usually a sign that it results from continuous stress that exhausts the body. In this case, Rhodiola root extracts help to treat fatigue, restoring vitality and strength to the body, according to a study conducted at the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

3. Can reduce symptoms of depression

Depression is a common and difficult disease that occurs when the neural conductors in the brain are not balanced. It adversely affects all aspects of one's life, causes loss of meaning in life and leaves the person disconnected from the environment and idle. Usually, antidepressants that treat the condition are chemical and cause harmful side effects, but it is now possible to cure the disease naturally. A study conducted at the Armenian Medical University found that Rhodiola extracts relieve symptoms of mild to moderate depression. In the study, patients took 340 milligrams of Rhodiola extracts for two months, which alleviated their depression, reduced insomnia, and strengthened their emotional stability. 

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4. Support the treatment of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a disease caused by a problem in the pancreas, whose function is to secrete insulin that breaks up sugar in the blood so that the body can use it as available energy. In the absence of insulin, sugar remains in the blood and causes problems in the body, and in severe conditions, the disease leads to the formation of unexplained wounds that don’t heal.

Diabetics should not stop taking insulin, as this will worsen the condition of diabetes, however, people who have prediabetes can use Rhodiola to try to lower their blood sugar. A study in Taiwan showed a decrease in the blood sugar level of rats given Rhodiola extracts. Because of the genetic similarity between rats and humans, it is reasonable to assume that the impact on the human body is similar, but no studies have been carried out yet.

5. Improve endurance

People who work out might find great interest in this section; it turns out that Rhodiola root extracts can improve their abilities during exercise. The results of a study in the United States indicated that people who took these extracts were able to pedal on a bicycle 24 seconds more, on average, than the control group that was given a placebo. If it doesn’t sound like much to you remember that the difference between contenders in cycling competitions is usually a few seconds. This change is attributed to the influence of the Rhodiola plant on heart rate during exertion - it improves the intensity of the heartbeat and reduces pulse rate, thus enabling the activity to continue for longer.

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6. Protect heart health

Advanced age, hereditary heart disease, poor diet, and smoking are factors that adversely affect heart health, but mental stress is one of the most significant factors determining what will be the condition. A stressful life routine can damage the heart, cause high blood pressure and even life-threatening seizures. Rhodiola extracts help reduce stress and deal with it successfully, and therefore, keep the person safe from diseases and heart problems.


7. Help to repair function damaged due to fatigue

Regularly working night shifts can cause chronic fatigue, which often creates functional damage that includes problems of concentration and short-term memory impairment and associative thinking ability. The effect of Rhodiola extracts was tested on doctors who worked night shifts regularly, as part of a study conducted in the Department of Neurology at the Armenian Medical University. It was found that the extracts can have a positive effect on the functions affected by fatigue, and after taking it for some time, the doctors, indicated that they were more focused and could function better than before.

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8. Has anti-carcinogenic properties

Rhodiola root contains a high amount of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the body, which can cause cancer, and may also be part of the cure. One of the active ingredients in the root extracts has been found to be effective against cancer cells in in-vitro experiments, specifically against bladder cancer cells, liver cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. However, further studies are needed to arrive at a clear conclusion that Rhodiola is indeed effective in treating cancer, but many researchers are convinced that it is only a matter of time.
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