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10 Stunning Sculptures That Vanish from a Certain Angle

 These incredible sculptures will challenge your perception - from one perspective they’re there in full glory, but from another angle, they virtually vanish before your eyes! Through these fascinating sculptures, Julian Voss-Andreae wants viewers to experience and ponder on the laws of quantum physics, and more specifically, on the ability of quantum particles to both exist and not depending on our gaze.
Depending on who’s watching and from which perspective, the same object can change beyond belief, which means that the viewer is an essential part of the world, even if all they do is gaze upon the world. “Contrary to our strongly held prejudices about the workings of the universe, there simply is no ‘reality’ out there that is independent of us,” writes Voss-Andreae. Admire 10 of the genius sculptor’s works and a bonus video below! To view even more of the artist's works, visit his Instagram and Facebook page.

1. Elective Affinities (2018)

Sculptures by Julian Voss-Andreae Elective Affinities (2018)

2. The Reader (2017)

3. Isabelle (2018)

4. Dream (2018)

5. Quantum Man (2009)

6. Quantum Man (2007)

7. Spannungsfeld (2014)

8. Quantum Man (2007)

9. Reclining Woman (Sphinx, 2012)

10. Onah seated (2015)

Sculptures by Julian Voss-Andreae Onah seated, 2015
Bonus Video: Watch the Seated Figure Disappear
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