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8 Ingenious Tupperware Organization Tips You Must Know!

 Surely, I must not be the only one who’s wary of opening certain kitchen cabinet in the fear that a stack of Tupperware might jump out and land on my person. In fact, from what I hear, food containers are a common culprit behind cluttered kitchen shelves and cabinets. If you, too, are tired of your Tupperware taking up too much precious space in your kitchen and making it look disorganized and messy, this is the article for you! These 8 clever organization tips and hacks will free up tons of storage space in your kitchen and make your kitchen shelves as tidy as can be!

1. Plate racks aren't just for plates!

Tupperware organization tips Plate racks
Image Source: hgtv
Tupperware lids are difficult to store. Instead of storing them in drawers and taking ages to find the matching lid every time, organize them using a plate rack. This way, you'll be able to instantly grab for the right lid, quick and mess-free! 

2. Stack containers of similar size inside each other

Tupperware organization tips Stack containers
Image Source: YouTube
This may seem obvious, but one of the easiest ways to organize containers is by simply dividing them by size and stacking them inside each other. The same trick works with other kitchenware, too, from pots and pans to bowls and even cups and glasses!

3. Get a dedicated drawer for Tupperware

Tupperware organization tips tupperware drawer
Image Source: Amazon
Don't have the time to think much about Tupperware organization? No problem, many online retailers and home supply stores offer special Tupperware drawers that can be installed into a kitchen cabinet. These drawers come with dividers for the lids and sections for the containers to make sure everything is accessible and neatly organized.

4. Place drawer dividers or even tension rods to organize the Tupperware

Tupperware organization tips drawer dividers
Image Source: realsimple
If you prefer storing Tupperware in a deep drawer, all you have to do to make things more organized and easy to access is a couple of drawer dividers. Store similarly shaped lids and containers separately to make things neater and easier to spot like they did in the photo above.

5. Get creative with old CD holders

Tupperware organization tips CD holders
Image Source: listotic
CDs have pretty much become obsolete by now, but what can you do with all those leftover CD holders? Well, one good way to repurpose these is by turning them into Tupperware lid holders - simple and yet utterly genius!

6. Store Tupperware in bins

Tupperware organization tips bins
Image Source: allwomenstalk
Another super simple way to store plastic containers is by putting them into separate bins, one for lids, one for larger containers, and another one for smaller ones, for example. Either plastic or wicker storage bins will do the trick, just make sure to measure the cabinet and purchase bins that will fit them perfectly.

7. Install some pull-out drawers

Tupperware organization tips pull-out drawers
Image Source: YouTube
It’s much easier to search or organize something when you don’t have to hunch over and reach deep into the cabinet to find what you're looking for. A simple solution to this are pull-out drawers, which can be easily purchased and installed. Some of these drawers don't even need to be screwed into the cabinet, all you need to do to install them is place them in the cabinet, and that's it!

8. Maximize your storage space

Tupperware organization tips Maximize your storage space
Image Source: workingonmyforever
Sometimes, the reason why your kitchen cabinets look cluttered isn't because you've organized them badly but because you have too little storage space to fit everything you need to fit. Luckily, there's a solution even for these cases. You can buy a few affordable shelves that can be hooked onto the cabinet shelves, which will give you another extra level of storage. As simple as that!

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