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Foods You Should/Shouldn't Eat On An Empty Stomach

 Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, because it will set the tone for the rest of it depending on what you eat. The thing is that breakfast isn’t as simple as putting whatever you choose into your stomach. This list will show you 15 “Do and Don’ts” breakfast foods to keep yourself fueled correctly throughout the day:
DO # 1: Eggs 
Eggs are full of protein and fats, as well as other vital nutrients that’ll give your metabolism something to work on as you go about your day. They’re also filling, meaning that you’ll feel fuller eating eggs quicker than you would eating other foods.
DO #2: Watermelon 
Watermelons are great for waking your eyes up and setting the pace of your heart in the morning. That’s due to their high water and carotenoid content, which can help ward off eye-related diseases and even cancer. That’s without mentioning how good it tastes!
DO #3: Oatmeal 
If you fancy starting your day with something soft that isn’t going to irritate your bowels later on, you should definitely have oatmeal for breakfast. It contains hydrofluoric acid and lots of fiber, helping to decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels. It’s also a great morning solution for diabetes.
DO #4: Blueberries 
Blueberries have been found in studies to have a positive effect on blood pressure, memory strength and cognitive faculties. They also contain lots of fiber and a whole array of antioxidants that improve digestion and reduce inflammation. Try eating 8 grams of them per day for the greatest effects.
DO #5: Cornmeal Porridge 
The detoxifying agents in cornmeal porridge make it excellent for cleansing your body of harmful heavy metals. What’s more is that it has prebiotic properties that help the body to develop metabolism-boosting gut flora. It’s an extremely healthy breakfast option.
DO #6: Honey 
In addition to being a natural sweetener that’s much better for you than sugar is, eating honey helps with the body’s secretion of serotonin, which is the brain’s “happy” chemical. It also contains high antioxidant concentrations to fight against inflammation.
DO #7: Buckwheat 
Buckwheat is excellent for people who have an iron deficiency. It’s chock-full of mineral and protein, and it’s also gluten-free. The latter fact also makes it ideal for making gluten-free bread and pancakes when it is ground into a powder.
DO #8: Nuts 
High acidity in the body can be countered by eating plenty of nuts. Walnuts, almonds, and cashews are all great for this, and they’re also excellent for boosting your metabolism. Walnuts are the best of all thanks to their high antioxidant levels and high omega-3 content.
DON'T #1: Citrus Fruits 
Vitamin C-rich citrus fruits should be avoided in the morning, and that’s because of their high acidity. This can lead to cramping or inflammation in your stomach, which is not what you want first thing in the morning.
DON'T #2: Spicy Foods 
Spicy foods are for lunch or dinner, not breakfast! They can cause irritation and pain in your stomach. With that being said, they can be beneficial when eaten as lunch or evening meals.
DON'T #3: Bananas
Bananas can be a little heavy when eaten as morning meals – they can make you feel drowsy even before you get to lunchtime. Their high magnesium and potassium content is best enjoyed by eating them just before you’re about to go to bed.
DON'T #4: Carbonated Drinks 
Soda should only ever be consumed in small amounts in order to satisfy a sweet tooth, but never in the morning. Consuming a soda in the morning can leech the energy out of you as the day goes by. As always, water, water, and more water will serve you much better!
DON'T #5: Greens 
Not that you would want to do so anyway, but green vegetables such as lettuce and broccoli can cause heartburn, stomach irritation and flatulence when eaten in the morning. Feel free to go mad on them when it gets to lunchtime though!
DON'T #6: Tomatoes 
Tomatoes are also too acidic to be eaten on an empty stomach. They can exacerbate feelings of discomfort and cause inflammation. Save them for brunch at the earliest.
DON'T #7: Pears 
There is such a thing as too much fiber too early in the morning, and it comes in the form of pears. Eating pears for breakfast can lead to discomfort and even intestinal damage if they’re consumed with regularity, but they’re fine as a late-morning healthy snack.
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