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10 Foods That Help Clear the Body of Nicotine

 It’s no secret that nicotine, the main substance found in tobacco, causes a lot of damage such as high blood pressure, digestive problems, and other serious diseases. Unfortunately, its unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and its addictive effect make it a lot harder to quit.


So what can we do to fight this negative and harmful habit? And how can we help our body rid itself of nicotine more efficiently? Here are 10 recommended foods that will help you cleanse your body of nicotine, relieve the various withdrawal symptoms and help you quit smoking once and for all.

nicotine detoxing foods

1. Broccoli

Because it’s rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that help us maintain our overall health, there is no doubt that broccoli is a recommended addition to every meal. Among other things, broccoli is a good source of vitamin B5 and vitamin C, both of which contribute to the body’s proper metabolism, which helps our body to rid itself faster of the accumulated toxins, including nicotine. In addition, broccoli contains a protein called NRF2 which helps protect the lungs against the effects of smoking.

2. Ginger

Apart from the variety of health benefits attributed to it, Ginger is a great addition for anyone who wants to cleanse their body of nicotine or relieve withdrawal symptoms. The spicy taste of ginger encourages increased sweating, which is considered an excellent way to help the body detox. In addition, there are studies which show that ginger helps prevent nausea and vomiting, two symptoms typical of many people in the process of withdrawal.

nicotine detoxing foods

3. Cranberries

Their addictive taste and various health benefits provide many reasons why we should eat cranberries more often. All the more so if you’re trying to quit smoking and want to overcome withdrawal symptoms. This is because one of the side effects of nicotine is an increase in blood sugar levels, an effect that can be obtained in a healthier manner from cranberries, which are rich in healthy and essential sugars.

4. Oranges

One of the harmful effects of regular nicotine intake is a decrease in vitamin C levels in the body, which affects our overall health in a variety of ways. To supplement the deficiency, add oranges to your daily diet, as they are quite rich in this vitamin (even the orange peels!). It should also be noted that healthy levels of vitamin C help reduce stress and anxiety - two common symptoms through which our bodies signal to us that they need nicotine to relax.

nicotine detoxing foods

5. Kale 

Kale is considered one of the healthiest foods in the world, partly because of how rich it is in sulfur, which helps to rid the body of various harmful toxins, including nicotine. It also contains powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C and lutein that help the body combat free radicals caused by smoking, which cause many diseases such as cancer.

6. Spinach

Because of nicotine consumption, many smokers suffer from low levels of folic acid (vitamin B9), which can lead to the emergence of various medical complications and a wide range of diseases. A great way to deal with this deficiency is through daily consumption of this vitamin-rich spinach. In addition, spinach may help you reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke daily because it makes your mouth taste bad if you smoke after eating it.

nicotine detoxing foods

7. Pomegranates

Eating pomegranates on a weekly basis helps the body produce many red blood cells, increase blood flow and speed up metabolism, helping to get rid of the various toxins that accumulate in it, including nicotine. In addition, among their many health benefits, pomegranates have a beneficial effect that reduces high blood pressure levels, which is another negative effect of smoking.


8. Water

While looking for a variety of different healthy foods to help eliminate nicotine from our body, water, which is the simplest solution, is often skimmed over. Drinking enough water (about 8 cups a day) accelerates the body's metabolic process and helps it eliminate the variety of toxins that accumulate in it.

nicotine detoxing foods

9. Lemons

Damaged skin is one of the most common symptoms of smoking, and is manifested in the appearance of wrinkles and skin diseases at younger ages. In order to protect the skin and minimize its damage, it is recommended that you frequently eat lemons, which contain vitamin C and citric acid - two ingredients that help maintain healthy skin over time. In addition, vitamin C has a beneficial effect of reducing symptoms of stress and depression caused by nicotine consumption.

10. Mint leaves

Mint leaves are not only a great way to get rid of bad breath caused by smoking, they can also help our body remove the various toxins that accumulate in it, including nicotine. Preliminary studies of the effect of mint leaves show that their daily intake improves the flow of bile produced in the liver to the gallbladder, helping to treat toxins that accumulate in the body. In addition, mint is known for its ability to reduce symptoms resulting from digestive problems, such as bloating and nausea, which are very common in people trying to quit or reduce smoking.

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