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Why Pimples Develop On Particular Facial Areas

 There aren’t many skin problems that are more annoying than acne - everyone’s experienced waking up one bright morning with these annoying red pimples on their face. Acne is not a problem that stops at the end of puberty - it may accompany us late into adult life, due to many causes, which can be both internal and external. Many dermatologists believe that the causes of acne can be identified by the areas of the face on which they appear, and this claim is backed by research. The next article will explain why pimples appear on certain areas of the face and how to prevent the recurrence or aggravation of this disturbing phenomenon.


1. Acne on the forehead

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Acne on the forehead area can be the result of excessive stress or and inconsistent and inappropriate hours of sleep and sleep times. These nuisances, when they appear on the forehead, may indicate various gastrointestinal problems (such as those resulting from an overly-fibrous diet), as shown in the following study, conducted in 2014. Alternatively, this type of acne can be the result of various liver function problems, so if you feel an abnormal occurrence in your body together with the appearance of forehead acne, you should definitely go get checked.

2. Acne on the jawline and chin

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The appearance of acne on the jawline and chin area is always the result of hormonal changes in the body, as demonstrated in this study conducted by the National Research Centre in Cairo, Egypt. If you experience an outbreak of pimples in this area, it is recommended that you go and check your hormone levels. The appearance of small, reddish nuisances in this area may be the result of high levels of the male hormone androgen in the body, or as a result of menstruation in women.

3. Acne on the cheeks

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Pimples on the cheeks can be caused by increased blood sugar. If you experience cheek breakouts, and you feel that you are eating too many sweets, try limiting the amount of high-sugar foods that you consume and try adopting a healthier diet. Another possible and surprising reason for cheek acne is your cell phone. Mobile phone screens contain a whole host of bacteria coming from your body and returning to the skin of your face as you talk. Therefore, don’t forget to clean your phone screen with a disposable rubbing alcohol pad from time to time, thus avoiding the nuisances.

4. Acne on the sides of the face

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Hormonal changes can also be the cause of pimples on the hairline or near the ears. Another possible cause of this type of acne lies in the clogging or irritation of the pores in the area, in which case you should check the makeup, face cream or shampoo you use - one of their ingredients may be responsible for the phenomenon. If you suspect this may be the problem, try using natural or organic products and see if your skin improves.


5. Pimples on the upper lip, the tip of the nose and on its sides

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Acne on the nose, at the tip or on its sides, can be a signal from the body that you consume too much spicy, salty and oily food, so try to reduce the amounts and doses of this type of food. Also note your heart health and blood pressure, as acne in this area, as well as in the upper lip area, may indicate heart problems, as well as disruptions in spleen and lung function.

6. Pimples between the eyebrows

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If you experience breakouts in the small, bare area between your eyebrows, it can be linked to liver problems. Acne between the eyebrows is basically a signal from the body that your diet isn’t balanced and is filled with too many fatty foods, which actually disrupt the functioning of the liver, an organ which plays an important part in digestion and metabolism.
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