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Here's How to Shrink Your Facial Pores

 They're huge, round, and scattered all over your face. No, we're not talking about pimples. Today, we're going to focus on your pores. When your pores get clogged with makeup, sweat or dirt, they can end up breaking out into acne. But even if they don't, large pores can still look very unsightly. Luckily for us, there are quite a few ways to make large pores shrink in size, but first let's take a look at exactly what pores are and why our body needs them.
What Is the Function of Our Pores?

Just like every other part of our bodies, our pores also carry out a unique function. Our pores house a sebaceous gland and a hair follicle, and serve as a gateway for sebum, the natural oil that's found in our skin. In short, our pores are practically a tunnel that channels this oil from the inside of our bodies to the surface. In this way, our faces are kept well-lubricated, preventing the appearance of dry or flaky skin.

Why Do Pores Often Look Larger?

Due to the fact that pores regularly grow and shrink, they might look like big gaping holes one week, and then become almost invisible the next, but why does this happen? Enlarged pores are generally the result of them getting clogged. If makeup, dirt or sweat ends up clogging your pores, it will result in them being stretched, making them look larger than usual.

In addition to this, sun damage and aging are another two factors that can contribute to the enlargement of pores. That's why you should always wear sunscreen when going out into direct sunlight. Firming and toning facial creams can also help to prevent or reduce this problem.

How Can I Rid Myself of Pores?

In short, you can't, and you shouldn't want to even if you could. As mentioned above, pores are part of your genetic makeup and play an important role in providing your skin with sebum. What you should be looking for, on the other hand, is a way to reduce them in size.


Many people have been known to regularly steam their faces, in order to 'open up' their pores, making them cleaner and smaller. Sadly, however, our pores don't just open and shut the way many people think that they do. In fact, while steaming your face is an effective way of loosening and ridding yourself of any dirt in your pores, it's not a very reliable way of reducing their size.

Instead, we've found this magical face mask to be far more effective, since it helps to give your face a light and youthful glow, whilst significantly reducing the size of your facial pores. The following video will take you through the process:

Here's how to make the natural facemask seen in the video above:

Natural Pore-Shrinking Facemask

• Rosewater
• Yogurt or curds
• 1 lemon

1. Put 1 tbsp. of yogurt into a bowl.
2. Add grated lemon peel into the bowl of yogurt.
3. Add some rosewater for a soothing effect.
4. Mix it all together until a paste is formed.
5. Apply the mask to your face with your fingers or a makeup brush.
6. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, before washing it all off.


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