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Frank Sinatra's Cheek to Cheek

 A close dance is one of the most intimate and wonderful things that couples can do to strengthen the connection between them and provide them with both happiness and comfort. During a dance alongside a loved one, the mind can free itself from all the troubles that are plaguing it.


The song "Cheek to Cheek", written by Irving Berlin in 1935, was first shown in the movie "Hat and Cylinder" that was released that year and we have heard it in many other cinematic works since. Dozens of talented artists have performed this song over the years, but one of the most popular to have done so is Frank Sinatra. You are now invited to listen to this charming song along with a presentation that we prepared for you. Don't forget to share this post with a loved one you would like to dance cheek to cheek with.


The presentation is accompanied by music - We recommend you turn on your speakers.
To start the music click on "play"






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