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12 Stunning Ocean Dwellers

 The ocean can feel like an alien planet, with unusual-looking flora and fauna, sporting fantastic colors not often seen on land. Of those incredible animals, some stand out even more, with magnificent shapes, colors, and designs that can take your breath away. Enjoy these stunning photos of the world's most beautiful fish.


Beautiful Fish

One of the most beautiful fish on Earth, the Mandarinfish can be found in the Pacific Ocean, and are very small (2.6 inches). Their strict diet of fish eggs, polychaete worms and ostracods means that they’re very hard to keep in aquariums, so anytime you chance across one in nature, consider yourself lucky.


Regal Tang

Beautiful Fish

The Regal Tang can be found in warm water in most parts of the world, but are not often seen due to their solitary nature. They feed mainly on algae and plankton and prefer to live in pairs. The Regal Tangs are quite sought after by humans, but not for eating - their flesh can be poisonous to humans. Instead, they’re prized as decorative fish in aquariums.


Clown Triggerfish

Beautiful Fish

The most spectacular of all triggerfish, the Clown Triggerfish sports magnificent patterns of black, white, yellow and light blue. Triggerfish are common in tropical waters, where they mainly feed on crustaceans and mollusks and can sometimes reach 19 inches in length.


Juvenile Emperor Angelfish

Beautiful Fish

In their adolescence, the Emperor Angelfish will have magnificent circular patterns of black, blue and light blue, which it will retain until it reaches maturity. Mature Emperors will change their color patterns, wearing blue and yellow stripes.


Lion Fish

Beautiful Fish

This beauty can be deadly. The spines at the end of its fins contain a venom capable of killing a grown human. Although most stings don’t end in death, the excruciating pain it causes have led to drowning.


Banggai Cardinalfish

Beautiful Fish

This rare species of Cardinalfish can only be found in the Banggai Islands, Indonesia. Their unusual pattern and fin shape create a beautiful creature, which is sadly an endangered species.


Blueface Angelfish

Beautiful Fish

These gorgeous fish live mainly in the waters of the Japan, Maldives, Indonesia and Taiwan. They Blueface Angelfish is aptly named, thanks to the magnificent patterns of dark and light blue, combined with yellow spots.



Beautiful Fish

Found in lakes and rivers in the Amazon basin, the Symphysodon (also referred to as Discus) can sport a variety of patterns and coloration, including blacks, greens, blues, and browns.


Moorish Idol

Beautiful Fish

The Idol prefers tropical and sub-tropical waters, where it feeds on coral polyps, invertebrates, tunicates and sea sponges. These fish are often solitary, but when they mate – it’s for life.

Lined Butterflyfish

Beautiful Fish

The largest of all the butterfly fish, these magnificent creatures live in the Red Sea and inhabit the Eastern shores, all the way to the Southernmost point of Africa. Their main diet is invertebrates, coral polyps, and algae.


Rainbow Parrotfish

Beautiful Fish

Parrotfish got their names from their beaks, which resembles that of a parrot. These colorful fish can be found in reefs all over the world. They feed on hard coral, and their excrements are a huge part of the composition of sand. The species sports many color variations, including blues, yellows, greens, reds, purples, and pinks.


French Angelfish

Beautiful Fish

Found in the waters of the Western Atlantic, as well as the Gulf of Mexico, the French Angelfish mainly feeds on sea sponges, and its meat is considered a delicacy.

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