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8 Taboo Words in the Royal Vocabulary

The British Royal family, it seems, is fascinating the entire world's population. They're like a different brand of celebrity that truly has everyone interested to some extent. They provide infinite entertainment and their customs always pique one's curiosity. And like every good celebrity, they never stop making headlines. We're either intrigued by them or we want to be like them. If you want to know more about the "royals," you can learn here a bit about how they do NOT speak. Here are 8 words you'll never hear a member of the Royal family utter, lest they be considered poor speakers.


Most of us (and we mean British people too) host our guests in the living room, sometimes referred to as the lounge. But that's not the aristocratic away. The Royal family will call it the drawing-room. This term came from the word withdraw- this is the room you would withdraw to for some privacy! This is also where the liqueur cabinet is usually hidden.


When we first learned the Royal family won't say toilet, we thought it was because this word is somehow too rude or maybe just not dainty enough to be heard in aristocratic circles. Turns out, the main reason they won't say toilet is because this is a word of French descent! Instead, you'd hear them refer to it as the lavatory or the loo!


Ah, one of the most polite words in English! It seems we don't hear it much these days, do we? Well, in the Royal court, you wouldn't encounter it much either. In fact, it would be considered rude to dare utter the word! When they need to be excused, they will only say "Sorry," and if they didn't hear you, they'd ask, "Sorry, what?"


In this case, let us reassure you - the Royal family is still human, and they do enjoy dessert very much, just like every last one of us. They would actively avoid the word dessert because the word is associated with middle or below middle class. The higher classes refer to it as pudding, even if the dish at hand is cake or souffle.


Perfume is another word for the lower classes. The Royals wouldn't be caught dead wearing perfume, let alone fragrance. Instead, they spray on a scent. And if they'd compliment you about your perfume, they would say they like your scent. How odd!  



This is the biggest myth buster on this list! The British Royal family, it turns out, does NOT have tea time! Having to do with working classes and commoners, this is another word they will avoid only due to their status. The Royals would simply refer to the light 5 o'clock meal as supper, or, at times, dinner.


The proud English they are, here is another word of foreign descent they don't use. A patio is a paved area of the backyard, but this word came from Spanish. The Royals would use the word terrace instead. 


Our list is full of surprises. You'd imagine that refreshments is the most polite way to describe snacks, isn't it? The thing is, these are only served at middle-class events. When snacks are served at a Royal event or at any other upper-class gathering, they would only be referred to as food and drink.


royal scalesImagine you managed to sneak into a Royal event, concealing yourself as a member of the upper class. You stand in line at the food and drinks table (God forbid we get some refreshments here!) and strike up a little chat with someone while you're both waiting. You decide to take only a small portion; got to put up a civilized front, after all. But whoops! You're exposed. Portion is another word of the lower classes. You should have gone with helping, as the Royals do. 


It's pretty ironic that the one family who is Posh with the capital P won't say posh. There is some mystery regarding the exact etymological origins of the word, but it's clear that it's a slang word, mainly used in British English. It's not that the royals are oblivious to their poshness, pretending not to notice that they are. It's just that they prefer the word smart, that's all. 


royal party court

We're starting to get a little tired of discussing classes, as it seems like such an outdated notion, but we are big fans of language history and etymology, so here's to another class-related item on the list. While the lower classes will attend a do, and middle classes will attend a function, the Royals (having the sweetest lives) will go to a party. Personally, we're hosting a PARTAY and everyone is welcome.


royal style couchThere are furnishings worthy for a Royal behind, and there are furnishings that will never see the backside of a Royal. It's that simple. A couch, for instance, will never accommodate an upper-class derriere. Why is that, you ask? Well, that's an honor saved not for the settee, not for a chaise longue, but for a sofa alone. 

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