Funny insults you can use or prepared comebacks for people insulting you

Funny Insults & Comebacks

Yo mama so old I told her to act her own age, and she died.
Yo mama so fat that she doesn't need the internet; she's already world wide.
If I had a face like yours, I'd sue my parents.
Yo Mama so short she plays soccer with atoms.
Yo Mama so stupid she threw a rock at the ground and missed.
Yo Mama so poor burglars break in her house and leave money.
Yo momma so fat that I ran out of gas trying to drive around her.
I'm jealous of all the people who've never met you.
Your doctor called with your colonoscopy results. Good news – they found your head.
Yo Momma so stupid she went to the dentist to get her Bluetooth fixed.
Yo momma's so old her first job was as Cain and Abel' babysitter.
In the kingdom of idiots, you would be king.
"Which position produces the ugliest children?"
"Ask your mother."
Yo Mama so ugly her mama put rubber bands on her ears so that people would think that she was only wearing a mask.
Yo momma so fat when her beeper goes off, people think she is backing up.
You are depriving some poor village of its idiot.
Stop trying to be a smart ass, you're just an ass.
Isn't it dangerous to use your entire vocabulary in one sentence like that?
Yo momma so fat I can stand on her belly and high five God.
Yo Momma so poor she couldn't afford a condom and gave birth to you.
Yo momma so fat I had to take a train and two buses just to get on the her good side.
Yo momma so fat she has more rolls than a bakery.
Yo mama so fat she has her own zip code.
Yo moma is so stupid, she tried to surf the microwave
You look like something I'd draw with my left hand.
Yo Momma so stupid when she threw a grenade at me, I pulled the pin and threw it back.
Yo Mama so short she has to cuff her underwear.
I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.
Please shut your mouth when you’re talking to me.
Yo mama so fat when she went to the circus the little girl asked if she could ride the elephant.