What Should You Buy On Black Friday?

 It's hardly a secret that Black Friday (and cyber Monday) are huge days for shopping, where prices are cut down and many people suddenly have the ability to buy all kinds of expensive things. What should YOU buy this black Friday? Shall we guess?
You just got a $1000 bonus from work, what will you do with it?
Put aside for essential things I may need
Pamper myself with a vacation
Get a gym membership
Have a big party with friends
What is the main meal you plan to eat tomorrow?
I have an organized meal plan and it's all written down
I'll probably heat up some leftovers
I'll cook with what I have in the fridge or go shopping
No plan. I may order out
Choose the image that makes you feel best about yourself
Which of these occupations can you see yourself having?
A nurse
A librarian
A chef
A salesperson
When you're going to buy or rent a new place, what is most important to you?
Lots of storage space
A large balcony
Having a garden
Large and roomy living room
If you could be one of these animals, which would you pick?
You've gone on a hike when suddenly you get lost and your phone's battery is dead. What do you do?
Get out a map and compass
Retrace my steps until I reach a familiar place
Try to climb a tall tree to see my surroundings better
Get any friends that are there with me and get their opinions
What is your favorite time to wake up on the weekend?
Like any weekend, around 9am
Whenever I wake up naturally
As soon as possible
During lunch time
Which of these photos makes you feel a strong negative emotion?
What makes you most happy?
Completing all my tasks in record time
A good sleep in the middle of the day
A day filled with the satisfaction of doing things
Helping the people closest to me
How many times will you wear the same shirt without replacing it?
Once and then to the washing
Depends on how fresh it still is
Usually only once for a few hours
Are you nuts? I will never be caught in the same outfit
Choose your preferred color
Smart Vacuum
Every time people enter your house there is a sense of admiration - the books are in perfect order in the library, the shoes stay on the doorstep and in the air there's always the smell of something good. All of these wonderful things require consistent maintenance and effort. And so we think you deserve some rest during the day. Therefore, it seems to us that the ideal gift for people like you is a state-of-the-art robotic vacuum cleaner - it will allow you to occasionally take a break from the worries and chores of life, and you can finally sit back, knowing that someone is doing the work for you!
A Pampering Couch
Home Quality
Your inner calm and serenity an the object of envy for many - you are not stressed by much, and you know how to take time for yourself. Most importantly, you make an effective distinction between what's important and what's not. You know how to pamper yourself and give your mind some respite whenever it is possible. These qualities make you a pleasant person who is fun to be around. seems to us that people like you deserve to have a pampering massage chair in the living room, which will serve as the "throne" in your realm of peace, pampering and inner peace.
Electric Bicycle / Other Vehicle
Based on your answers to the test questions, we have no doubt that you are an energetic person who does not let time go by without filling it with something to do. You are always in action, constantly looking for what to do and don't get satisfaction and enjoyment from action done in a sitting position.<br><br> Therefore, in order to utilize the great energies you have, it seems to us that this year you need to pamper yourself with a pair of bikes, electrical or classic, which will give you a sense of satisfaction at the end of each day. Give yourself some time to simply enjoy yourself in the fresh air.
Smart Device
When was the last time you spent some time alone? We assume that a fairly long period of time has passed since then! This does not surprise us, because according to your answers it is obvious that you are particularly social person, who is unable to imagine even a single moment not surrounded by their relatives and friends!<br><br> You are always there for others, doing everything to enhance cohesion among the group and staying in good touch with all your family members, even those who are a little far away. Therefore, it seems to us that this year you need to pamper yourself with a new and advanced smartphone that will help you continue to maintain a great connection with those close to you.
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