What's Your Jungian Archetype?

The world famous Swiss psychologist and philosopher, Carl Jung, is noted for his belief that we all channel unconscious archetypes that profoundly influence our behavior and character. Such archetypes can not only be found deep within our subconscious but are also prevalent in myths and fairy tales. What archetype best describes who you are? Perhaps you are the explorer, the hero, or even the rebel! Play this test and find out.
Which of these words most reminds you of your childhood?
Choose one magazine.
Sports Ilustrated
National Geographic
Rolling Stone
New Yorker
Foreign Policy
The Oprah Magazine
You would rather...
Know everything
Influence world events
Be loved by everybody
Be respected by everybody
Is this glass half empty or half full?
Half full
Half empty
Who drank the other half?
Which of these most scares you?
Being stuck in one place for too long
Losing control
Select the most appealing image (don't think about it too much).
Which is your work personality?
The joker
The trouble maker
The creative one
The problem solver
The control freak
The center of attention
Which of the ancient world's 7 wonders would you rather visit?
Great Pyramid
Hanging Gardens
Artemis Temple
Statue of Zeus
Alexandria Lighthouse
Choose one of these mottos.
Rules are made to be broken.
The truth will set you free!
I came, I saw, I conquered
Love your neighbor as yourself
You only live once (YOLO!)
If you will it, it is no dream
Power isn't everything, it's the only thing
Life is either a great adventure, or nothing!
You Are the Sage
Jung believed that the sage was a representation of the search for truth and wisdom. You have always been patient, a deep thinker, and wise beyond your years. A thirst for knowledge characterizes you. You fear ignorance, being misled or duped by another. You have supreme intelligence, though you risk over-complicating things and delaying decisions. Does this sound like you?
You Are the Rebel
You are stunned by the injustice in the world, which drives you to want to shake up the system. Your Jungian type believes that rules were only made to be broken. You enjoy shocking and provoking other people. Though principled, you’re a free spirit who breaks down barriers. You can change the world, but run the risk of going too far. Reign in your rebellion and you’ll see the stunning impact you could make. Does this sound like you?
You Are the Explorer
The explorer is found in many myths and tales. You are a wanderlust loving nomad who sees life as a grand adventure. You thirst for new people and experiences. Independent and flexible, you are also true to yourself and ambitious. Though your buccaneering spirit carries you far, you risk wandering aimlessly without direction. Work on channeling your energy productively! Does this sound like you?
You Are the Caregiver
The caregiver is a principally female character found in countless goddesses and heroines throughout history and folklore. Like a mother figure, you are selfless and helpful. People flock to you for advice. You love other people deeply. Your greatest fear is ingratitude and selfishness. You are characterized by compassion and generosity. Make sure you are not taken advantage of and made a martyr. Does this sound like you?
You Are the Hero
The hero is found in virtually every myth and story across the globe. Like the hero, you’re the one who is destined to save the day. You are impelled to prove your worth through a series of courageous acts. Strong willed and adventurous, you are more than willing to suffer for the common good. Your greatest feat is weakness and being vulnerable. You should watch being too boastful. Let your actions speak for themselves. Does this sound like you?
You Are the Child
The child, or innocent, is possessed by all, but it appears in some more than others. You are full of optimism and faith. For some, you treat the world like a fantasy land. Really, you just want to see the best in everyone and everything. Close to your mother, you are impelled to prove yourself by doing right. You need to be careful of naivety and being too sheltered. Does this sound like you?
You Are the Trickster
The trickster resembles the Gods Hermes, Loki, and Mercury. Like these, you’re a mischievous, cunning and quick-witted jack of all trades. Something of a renaissance man, you live life to the max, rarely turning down an opportunity to make progress. Though you’re a bundle of fun, you run of risk of taking the joke too far on occasion. Does this sound like you?
You Are the Ruler
The ruler is found in many myths, like Zeus, the father of the gods. Turned on by success and order, you’re a self-confident, self-reliant control-freak. You are a reliable mentor who’s always on the lookout for your love ones’ best interests. You are at your best when taking on responsibility and authority. You run the risk, however, of being too pushy. You may need to learn when to let go. Does this sound like you?
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